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Marilyn Hintz

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Arizona 6 years ago. I have been working in the sports medicine field for 9 years. I attended Marquette University for an undergrad in Exercise Science/Athletic Training and A.T. Still University for graduate work in Sports Health Care with a 2 year master's study focused on prevention of knee injuries in female athletes.

My background and experiences have instilled an enthusiastic passion to impact people of all ages and all fitness levels with life changing fitness changes. My background working with athletes in the professional, college, high school, youth level the past decade has resulted in a very unique, innovative method of training adults of all ages and fitness levels that has been very effective.

A combination of testimonials, explains me better than I can explain:
"Marilyn quickly discovers the unique strengths, both physical and emotional, of her clients, teaching them to be stronger physically and more powerful mentally. She adeptly uses her personal charisma and energy to persuade her clients and friends to accomplish more than what they thought was possible. Underneath her amiable smile and easy conversation, is a woman determined to take you on a journey to realize your own capabilities, while permitting you to discover her capabilities and allowing you to use them."

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Efficient Movement
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Hospital & Health Care
Fitness Training, Nutrition, and Wellness
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At Efficient Movement, our number one priority is preventing athletic-related injuries while we develop a high level of athleticism. We build a foundation in our female athletes that will allow them to perform at a high level and stay injury free.

We combine our knowledge and your body's biomechanics to figure out "why" you are getting injured and/or "why" you may have struggled improving your athleticism.  Everyone's body is different. Efficient Movement provides individualized workout programs tailored to the needs of each athlete!

We understand education is very important to accomplish these goals. We would love to share your knowledge and expertise with you. Contact us Today at (602) 358-8862.

(602) 358-8862

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