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Yakov Savitskiy ✅

"After implementing about 15% of Yakov's strategies, my business added over 5K in monthly residual income." - Lindsey B.

★ Why So Few MLO's, Real Estate Agents and Business Owners Have Been Able To Experience Any Success With Generating Leads, Marketing Or Recruiting On LinkedIn:

As an Internationally Recognized LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert, some of the questions people often ask me are:

‌❏ I've had a LinkedIn profile for years, why haven't I received much new business from it?
❏ Could your strategies really work for my industry?
‌❏ How do I consistently generate new leads on LinkedIn without coming off as spammy or spending a lot of time doing it?

★ What I Do:

Having worked with a variety of CEOs, Best-Selling Authors, Business Owners, and Leaders of Seven to Nine Figure Sales Organizations, I know how challenging it can be to consistently generate leads and acquire new clients through using LinkedIn. Some of my specialties include:

✔ LinkedIn Marketing
✔ Social Networking
✔ LinkedIn Lead Generation
✔ LinkedIn Recruiting
✔ LinkedIn Advertising

★ Who I Primarily Work With : Clients Across The Mortgage, Real Estate And Service Based Industries

★ Why I Do It :

I believe that freedom and building wealth lead to fulfillment. Through consulting, workshops, live speaking engagements, and recorded programs, I'm able to help people move closer toward time and financial freedom all while being able to make a greater impact.

If you're ready to learn a new way of using LinkedIn for positioning yourself as an absolute expert in your field, generating leads, receiving more referrals, and attracting more of your ideal clients, visit Linkedleads.Us/Quiz to see how your LinkedIn profile stacks up against the competition.

I'm also looking to add a few more strategic partners who have similar audiences. If this sounds like you, please send me a direct message so we can have a conversation.

For media inquiries, please email Yakov@LinkedLeads.Us.

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Giving business owners a new way of using LinkedIn for attracting A-List clients and making key contacts.

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