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William C Rawe

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William C Rawe

I am passionate about helping people reach their maximum potential. I began my career in the non-profit sector, as a counselor and teacher. I'll never forget the day that entered the business world and began working as a Regional Trainer for Border's Books. I found my passion and my gift, and I've been pursuing it ever since. 

I am an expert in leadership development, training and performance management, as well as Organizational Development, with a proven track record of reducing employee turnover, increasing engagement, and providing engaging training experiences.

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William C. Rawe Consulting Group
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Management Consulting
Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
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Leadership & Leadership Development

Great organizational culture depends on great leadership. The role of leadership is more demanding today than ever. The world has grown increasingly more complex, resulting in leaders who need to develop greater levels of mental complexity. The strategy of promoting people who are good workers into leadership roles may no longer be effective. We provide a system of developing leaders that promotes trust, cooperation, and efficiency. Growth starts with the individual leader, but when the leader gets better, so does the organization.

Behavior Change

Changing behavior is hard, and only comes in stages. How long change takes is largely an individual matter, and some change is more difficult than others. Having the right process and support in place is critical to any successful change effort. Our proven system of behavior change will help you and your team become better in all areas of life, overcome challenges that may have persisted for years, and provide unparalleled value to your organization.

Engaging People

Engaging people is about relationship. On an organizational level the ability to engage people translates into lower employee turnover, higher job satisfaction, and improved productivity. Foundational to this process is the ability to help others find meaning in what they do. We can help you identify the best strategies for engaging others.

Teams & Team Building

When teams work well together there is almost nothing that they can't accomplish. Unfortunately, this is a difficult dynamic to achieve. We start by slowing building a level of trust that promotes levels of vulnerability that might surprise you. Teams that trust are more capable of tackling the complexities of modern challenges full-on, without the politics that exist in some organizations. In short, we will help your team become more effective.


All executives know that strategy is important but find it scary because it forces us to confront an uncertain future. We can help your team confront these uncertainties in a way that avoids the common comfort traps of strategic planning and focuses on what is truly important so that you can achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a structured process involving the identification and preparation of a potential successor to assume a new role. Quite simply, it is identifying the right people for the right leadership roles and preparing them for the responsibility. Our scientifically validated tools can help you with this process.

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