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Debbie Silva

2014 became a life changing year for me. January my Dad passed from cancer and in June I was diagnosed with breast cancer. (It was the best road that life could take me on at that point in my life!) As I was going thru my treatments I went thru a divorce, it wasn't an easy time but I knew I had to be strong and true to myself! I said to myself I will beat this and go after what I really want in life. I had worked in the medical field for 23 years as an office manager, I loved what I was doing it just wasn't my passion. I then decided I would sign up for Real Estate School that was always my drean career. As I was going thru school I studied every moment I could. When I went to take my state exam I passed the test the first time and I know I had made the choice in life for me! As I was growing up I watch my Dad buy and sell homes his whole life, I remember the excitement of it. I knew I had to show others what I had witnessed my whole life, watching my Dad always investing. He was able to retire at 55. I love meeting new people getting to know them and hearing there WHY! It is a career that allows me to help others along the way and make lasting friends, some even become like family!! 

Sometimes life makes up change lanes at a surprising time. It's how we drive down that lane is what determines our outcome!!

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Real Estate Wealth Managre
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Real Estate
Real Estate Wealth Manager
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As a Real Estate Wealth Manager it is my goal to help my clients grow wealth thru Real Estate. I have a plan that will show you have to invest in Real Estate it's like a 401 for Real Estate. I will show how to purchase 5 homes in 10 years with little of your own money invested. I meet with my clients quarterly or as much as they need guidance. I know first hand that this plan is a great plan to help you with your retirement. Times like we are having now is a great time to seek all options, with low interest rate you see how far your dollar can grow. I know first hand that investing in Real Estate is a great option. It allow my Dad to reitre at the age of 55, he had worked for Peterbuilt his plant closed it was thru his investing in Real Estate he was able to set his own hours and work as he pleased. He had many years of relaxing and enjoyong life! I into Real Estate my self to achieve this goal for myself and leave my family a great legacy! I enjoy working with clients of all ages anytime is a great time to plan for the future!! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime. I look forward to help you growing your portfolio!!!

2355 W. Utopia Rd

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