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Tom Walker

Most of my business career has been involved in growing and expanding business; including an 18 year stint in Silicone Valley, Ca --- it is still just an amazing place; I remember when all bets were against a startup called Intel ever making it out of the incubator)..... 

I have recently decided to "retire" which means that I will only do what I want to do when I want to do it.  My business efforts are centered around becoming a world class (dream BIG) Rainmaker featuring an APP development company!

Before Phoenix (Phx started in 2001) we have lived in California, Oregon, Washington & Idaho for me; New York & New Jersey for Barb. My wife's descendants came over on the Mayflower, mine swam.. Thus my love for windsurfing (much more efficient way to cross an ocean); add some tennis (3.5), golf (nice way to ruin a walk), biking and hiking then add wondering how many Phoenix teams can figure out how many ways to give away perfectly good wins (very creative groups, no?); it must be the heat...

My contribution to serial entrepreneurship is that I provide a complete suite of Internet Marketing solutions based on business strategies developed via over 50 years experience in the business world.  Based on successes AND lessons learned (failures).

My "personsal webpage" will lead you to  a FREE APP. 









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Baywalk Marketing Services LLC
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Advocate for Small Business and for Effective (De)Regulation of Small Business
Professional Training & Coaching
Marketing & Client Relations Advocate for a Stronger Business Community
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I am leveraging 4+ decades of Business Experience (successful business planning & management practices resulting in effective strategic and tactical results).

In a nutshell, I am developing a premier App Disign and Production process that can truly SPEED UP THE SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS CURVE by providing THE Most Effective Marketing/Sales System currently available to ALL ENTREPRENEURS -- GUARANTEED!

(480) 839-6600

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