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Gary Voss

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Gary Voss

Gary Voss comes from an engineering background in the armed forces which inspired his interest in Alternative Energy Technologies and Environmental Sciences. In October 2000, he launched an International Think-Tank called TAP-TEN Research which consists of a variety of the world's most cutting edge Engineers, Scientists and Physicists.

Contact info: gary@greenaidnow.com


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Green-Aid Foundation International
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Environmental Services
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Green-Aid intends international Green Energy and Green Building edutainment concert and rejuvenation tours; presenting the latest scientific developments, landmark demonstrations, designs, and hosting a variety of products and service vendors. Before Long, Green-Aid Now! Like trees, Green-Aid grows and relieves. Over a decade in the making, the grassroots Green-Aid Connectory meshes inventive and intuitive talents, conference presenters, and VIPs. Social Networks with Green Energy and Green Building pioneers, goods, and services, feed and heed this call to action at GreenAidNow.com. Join Green-Aid on Linkedin, Facebook, Facebook Causes, Tribe, Yahoo Groups, or email info@GreenAidNow.com. Pre-qualified for upcoming funding, Green-Aid projects will generate employment, profit-sharing, live/work, and other community-building opportunities. We respect inventor autonomy, while integrating empirical technologies and methods that have higher efficiency, sensibility, and breakthrough potential when united into Thrivable Intentional Systems: Inspired by international Aid concerts, Green-Aid Productions Inc. masterminds sustainable community developments and edutainment for ongoing research, ephemeral events, and lasting lessons. Begun with one, Green-Aid Productions is incorporating with co-proprietors and Directors to found an alliance. Proliferating our humanitarian relief worldwide, a not-for-profit 501(c) company is being formed; The Green-Aid Foundation. While Humanity and Earth are our most important stakeholders, The Green-Aid Foundation will also be symbiotic with our production company and contracting affiliates. Our projects will help countless other businesses of all scales and industries, as well as their employees and our economies. Taking our power back, we take back our power.


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Contact info: Gary@GreenAidNow.com Current Events: Green-Aid Fun-Fest Music & Technology Festival | Gary Voss' Fundraiser on Crowdrise http://www.crowdrise.com/greenaidfunfestmusic

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