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Viola Lucero

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Viola Lucero

Viola is from Albuquerque, NM and has been a resident of Arizona for the past 7 years. She loves the people of Arizona and the sense of community they bring. She is a single parent to two children Brianna and Jacob.

Being a single parent made her realize the importance of making sure her family was properly protected from all of lifes unknowns. She has always believed in insurance and it is through her own experience with her family that inspired her to help others. She discovered that not many individuals knew the value of insurance or the importance. 

She holds a Bachelorof Art in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources and a Minor in Communication from the University of New Mexico.

Helping people has always been a passion and she has found that supplemental insurance is a need for everyone and can have a huge impact on an individual and their family when faced with an accident or illness. A person should never have to suffer financially when faced with a catastraphic injury or illness. She has helped many people properly protect themselves and their families.

Her focus is to help small businesses who love their employees and would like to offer benefits. She feels like allowing this option will help a small business owner keep up with the healthcare landscape, stay competitive, help with retention, and productivity. 

One of her goals is to make sure every person she encounters has an Aflac Accident policy and a Life insurance policy.

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Benefits Consultant
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Supplemental Insurance
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Offer voluntary supplemental insurance policies to individuals and small businesses. I look into the challenges that small business owners may have (rising costs, productivity, maintaining competitivness, and the healthcare landscape) providing solutions.

(505) 385-1580

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