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Wayne Parker

I love to travel.  My passion has been exploring new places, people and events since childhood. Before I was 10 I had traveled every state west of the Mississippi and a few east.  I also am an entrepreneur.  I love the excitement and challenge of starting and nuturing an idea, dream or product from a dream to reality.  One of these businesses my wife and I started 25 years ago - Open Road Tours to share our love of Arizona with visitors.  We still entertain visitors from all over the world today, under the new name of Arizona Tour and Travel and Travel to the West.

With my long history of putting together trip itineraries and guiding tours all over the Western Unites States and Canada, I have started writing a travel blog - Travel to the West - and I am adding special interest and adventure trips that I personally guide for small groups.

I also learned that change is inevitable.  I must be always raising the bar to new heights to continue to grow both myself and my businesses.

But business today is changing faster than at any time in the past.  As a result, I have expanded my scope of business to include the new wave - the future - as I see it - Relationship  Marketing.  I found a wonderful tool to help in building relationships - Send Out Cards.  This is a wonderful way to personally touch all those I meet.

Having been trained in the mainstream marketing business world, I found it necessary to begin reinventing myself.   This past three years I have immersed myself in training programs that have challenged me to move outside my comfort zone.  In Relationship marketing, before there is marketing, there is building relationships.  Building relationships is foremost in networking, so today uppermost in my mind is to find out how I may help you to grow yourself and your business.  My motto is "let me help you to be healthier and wealthier."

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Travel To The West
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Providing sightseeing, experiential and adventure tours throughout the western United States, Canada and Alaska http//www.traveltothewest.com.

New this year - Experiential Journeys tours for people looking for a new hands-on experience  http://www.experientialjourneys.com



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