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Therese Skelly

Attention: Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Are You Ready To Step Up Your Sales, Grow Your Business and Increase Your Revenue? (...And have a ‘life’ while doing it!) The Secret to Mastering Your Business is Mastering Your Mindset... And I’m here to tell you EXACTLY how! _______________________________________________ Passionate About People, Business, and Karaoke I’ve always been a “people person.” I began my career working in the correctional system and then switched to the mental health field for a number of years . . . until I couldn’t take it any longer and started my own business. Seems that entrepreneurial spirit has been with me for most of my adult life — working inside organizations that didn’t run very well made me nuts! I guess that one of my greatest gifts has been my ability to see exactly what was broken within a company and discerning ways to improve it — which is a great gift when working with my small business owner clients. After my last son was a bit older, I changed careers and earned my Coaching certification from the Coach for Life school in San Diego. This, coupled with my Master’s degree and years of training as a psychotherapist, give me a unique perspective few other coaches possess. I am an absolute expert on human behavior and personality dynamics. And rounding out my training is the hours and hours I’ve spent learning marketing, sales, business building strategies, and all the other components of the ‘outer game’ of running the business. I’ve been blessed to have had awesome coaches and mentors along the way, so I’ve totally enjoyed learning all these components as well.

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Therese Skelly has been teaching, training, and inspiring people for years! Her passion and enthusiasm make for lively, fun-filled presentations through which she offers practical tips and tools participants can use to reach new levels of success in all areas of their lives.

Do you know absolutely that you - and your business - can be much more successful?

Are you sick and tired of getting the same mediocre results over and over and over?

Do you have a wealth of wonderful whims and inspirations, but no idea in the world about how to implement them?

Would you like to learn business and personal development strategies that will finally allow you to accelerate your success and live the life you’ve only dreamed of?

Through her dynamic presence, Therese can address all of these issues and more - as a speaker, motivational expert, workshop presenter, or teleseminar facilitator.

Therese lives her mission. As an expert in the field of human performance and dynamics, she focuses on ways to help people grow and expand their small businesses while creating patterns and beliefs which allow them to live their highest values and visions. Her wonderful, personable sense of humor engages her audiences and makes her messages memorable and immensely useful. Therese blends masterful business skills with a strong psychotherapy background, making her versatile enough to address a spectrum of groups from the “strictly business” to fun-seeking team-builders.

3509 E Shea Blvd, Ste 117
602 369 0091

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