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Tiffany Litherland

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Tiffany Litherland

Tiffany provides social media and cloud technology consulting and mentoring services to small businesses and corporations to enhance their marketing performance indicators, increase their client prospects and streamline their internal and external web-based communications.

She has specialized experience in business and brand development and management, including: developing, integrating, and maintaining tools and policies to build and manage a brand presence; establishing and managing Websites and web-based communications strategies as well as to developing content to support digital marketing activities and expand her client's networks.

Tiffany possesses over 20 years of experience in Public Relations, Media Development, Marketing and Web Solutions, with 10 years of experience in developing Cloud Based Technology solutions for businesses. Tiffany studied B.S. in Psychology at the Curtin University of Technology.

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Tiffany L Litherland
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Transformational Relationship Marketing Leader
Business Website
Marketing and Advertising
Business Analysis and Consulting
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I have decided to encapsulate all my passions and 20+ years of experience in business modalities and Psychology and bundle them into a plan to help YOU grow YOU and YOUr businesses. It is my vision to lead YOU on this journey, simplify the route and assist you in your own developments along the way as needed. 

With a multitude of professionals in varying fields I always love to honor the relationships I have, and nurtured, to extend their expertise to YOU so that you benefit from a well-rounded, holistic, approach to the way that this era of dynamic business growth and expanded mindsets has evolved. 

I have an abundance of ever-growing, richly rewarding, modalities inclusive of Holistic & Alternative Psychology Practitioner, Cognitive Psychology, Profiling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation & other Transpersonal Therapies, Public Relations, Business Consulting, Strategic Design and Development, Dynamic Marketing, Media, Branding, Graphic Design & Website Architecture.

I have created and redeveloped many business & brand profiles and helped people just like you to embrace their passionate purpose; unleashing authenticity, and injecting it into your lifestyle and business journey that then opens up the potential for limitless successes.

20+ yrs experience in Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Profiling, Business Profiling, Holistic Brand Development, Public Relations, Media Relations, Marketing, Relationship Development & Networking, Coaching/Mentoring/Leadership, Transpersonal & Intuitive Therapies.

Leading fulfilling mentorship programs for personal and professional success with YOU in mind at all times. Aligning all areas of your life to achieve balance whilst enriching all facets of life's relationships, maximizing professional and/or business potential, encouraging flexibility and flow, harmonizing strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships, and designing modern and dynamic systems that overflow with wholly rewarding outcomes and transitional growth.

- Personal & Professional Mindset Mentoring
- Entrepreneurial Leadership
- Business Mindset Mentor Therapist
- Transpersonal, Holistic Alternative Psychotherapist - NLP, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Profiling
- Professional Alliances & Modern 'Joint Venture' Structuring
- Brand Architecture, Design & Development
- Graphic Design & Branding
- Modern Media Design (Content, SEO, PR, Blog)
- Web Site Design & Development - Plugins, Sliders, Galleries, Menus, Widgets
- Customized coding, scripting and development
- SEO Strategist (Search Engine Optimization: Keyword Development, Local, International)
- Cross-Network Site & Social Integration
- Platform & Program Development
- Modern Marketing Initiatives, Strategist, Development, Director
- Social Media Management, Networking & Platform Leader
- Cross-promotional Digital Media Consulting
- Media & Public Relations Consultant, Strategist, Director
- Copy writing, Editing, Authoring
- Journalism, Press Release Editor and Author
- Press, Radio, Television appearances, interviews, articles

So come along and join the journey and be empowered, inspired, and transformed through YOUr Entrepreneurial EvolYOUtion. Here's to your SUCCESS!!!

2101 Stonegate Drive

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