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Kyle McIntosh

With a degree in marketing and a background in various for profit and not for profit companies, including much professional and volunteer work, Kyle wondered, "How can I pair the passion and commitment to community progress of a non-profit with the sustainability and reach of a for profit company?" From this question and perspective a mission evolved to tear down the false distinction between the two sectors and to promote companies with Conscious Capitalism(R) business models through MAC6.

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We are a team of entrepreneurial investors and strategic consultants who bring both insight and capital to the table. The time we spend working with leaders who strive for stakeholder engagement brings to life our belief that business is good because it creates value. We are privileged to identify and grow leadership. We invest in people, not ideas, and we are industry agnostic.

Our "why" draws on our strongest passions. Two of the most prominent are the elimination of extreme poverty and the building of better communities. To do this, we help business leaders expand their conscious leadership, sharpen their definition of higher purpose, and embrace a mission that goes well beyond their own company.

Our processes are proven and move the interests of different stakeholders in the same direction.
This direction leads to an organization that delivers more than superior financial performance. Because it cares profoundly, and makes a meaningful difference. To do all this, it takes the help of people who live and breathe Conscious Capitalism(R).

Meet our team. Evaluate our capabilities. Explore the ways our own purpose, values, and culture can align with yours, and how they can connect with your people.
Together, we can create enduring and meaningful value for all stakeholders.

1430 West Broadway Road
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