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Tab Pierce

Tab is an experienced business leader and serial entrepreneur. Spending his career as a sales leader and business owner, helping organizations and companies experience massive growth. Caliber Security Partners was created in 2010 and provides cyber security services to enterprise clients and emerging technology companies. Tab sits on the advisory board of 3P&T Security Recruiting, TraitWare ® and Drug Free Business. After years of business growth and two acquisitions Tab found that a few poor business decisions would have colossal outcomes that threatened his once-strong business. The outcome was debt of $750,000 owed to 18 individuals, companies and governments. One was a hard money lender that was relentless. In despair and disbelief, he plummeted into depression. Vulnerability, doubt and fear ruled his life. While discussing the business failures with colleagues most gave the same advice: shut your doors and walk away. He had allowed his company to fall into peril. Closing the doors was not an option. Over the next three years he had one goal: take his wrecked business and personal failures and make them both successful again. Tab chronicles that experience in his book, Upsurge: Wreckage to Triumph; Rebuilding Your Personal and Business Life. It was the experience of transformation and growth, along with authoring Upsurge that lead Tab to the creation of Refiners.

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CEO - Refiners and Caliber Security Partners
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Refiners is an organization of business owners and business professionals that are looking to improve their business and personal performance. We are a community of like-minded people that support, and help each other move toward achievement.

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