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Suzanne Ryan


Suzanne had to quickly figure out how to take care of her money after she got divorced.  She knew that she was now on her own and the 'traditional' way of doing things was not going to work anymore.  She learned a lot about personal finances and yes, she made some mistakes along the way.  The one thing she couldn't find at the time that would have made everything easier, was a Financial Coach who could teach her how to manage her money properly. She didn't want anyone else to have to work so hard to figure it all out or to make the same mistakes.  That is why, in 2015, she founded T&H Financial Coaching.  


With a wealth of experience in personal finance, education, and life experience, Suzanne enjoys working with:


·        Women and men going through divorce


Her experience going through divorce and having to begin again, hit the 'refresh' button, is what gives Suzanne the wisdom and courage to help women and men experiencing divorce.  She helps them understand not only the practical money side, but also the mindset and emotions they have around money.




§  You've never taken care of your money before and you need to know how


§  You need someone with your best interests in mind to give you honest answers to your money questions


§  You have strong emotions that are blocking you from moving forward financially


§  You want to work with someone who understands what you're going through.


·        High income and HNW professionals


Suzanne works with high income and high net worth professionals in her private coaching practice because she understands it's not how much you make or how much you're worth.  It is about your home, your family, and your future legacy.




§  You earn more but lifestyle creep prevents you from growing your wealth


§  Misunderstandings and money arguments with your spouse are roadblocks to your




§  Your adult children have failed to launch


§  Your values got lost somewhere along the way


·        Employees working in small businesses


Suzanne loves teaching!  She brings financial education into the workplace through her engaging, practical, and actionable financial wellness program: Champion Your Finances!  Financial Wellness impacts the health and wellness of every employee, and also impacts the health and wellness of every business. 




§  Saving for retirement is not solving the day-to-day money problems your employees are experiencing


§  Your employees want and need real answers to real questions so they can take care of their homes, families, and futures.


§  Employees bring their money issues into the workplace and it effects their productivity, the workplace culture, and the bottom line.






Call about coaching today!


work:  480-353-9849


cell:    612-849-0611


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T&H Financial Coaching, LLC
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Owner, Financial Coach
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T&H Financial Coaching's Mission:

We help people learn how to take care of their money so they can take care of their home, family, business, and future.  We do this through Financial Coaching. 

What we do:

We teach people how to take control of their personal finances through their personal MAP, Money Action Plan, which includes budgeting, debt reduction, saving, and investing the future.  

We help people here in Arizona and around the country improve their Money Mindset and their relationship with money by aligning their income with their vision and values.

We offer 3 Financial Coaching Services:

*Private coaching-

~for professionals who are just starting their career or have 10 or more years of professional experience. 

~for women and men who going through divorce and hitting the 'fresh start' button with their personal finances.





*Business Growth Program for solopreneurs who've been in business for up to 3 years, have a growth mindset, and are ready to learn how to take care of their business finances.  

*Workplace Financial Coaching for businesses who want to increase their bottom line AND care about both the personal and professiona success of their 1-500 employees. 


I speak to industry specific and other groups about personal finances and money mindset:  

Topic:  Millionaire Mindset: The Two Rules For Financial Success!

Topic:  Climb to the TOP:  The 5 Steps of Your Financial Journey!



10505 N 69th Street
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