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Susan Raisanen

Business owners, managers and salespeople love Profit Finder Pro Software. The CRM allows them to keep an eye on the profit points of their business with the powerful analytical tools included in a basic subscription.

I am very involved in NARI (The National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and lining up speakers and guests.  Each month we invite guest speakers to come visit our group. At times it may be something industry-related to the General Contractor, other times it may have something to do with best business practices, and other times it is simply self-development. Please contact me if you'd like to join us as a guest or speaker.

Our family business, TraVek, also hosts community events at least once a month at our Scottsdale Airpark offices. The speakers there range from anything in home design, home improvement to health and wellness and self-improvement topics. Watch for those notices, too! You are always welcome to join us.

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Profit Finder Pro Software is not only a CRM, but also a very analytical system that caters to the very numbers business owners need to know about the effectiveness of their sales and marketing. We created it out of a need for our own businesses, and after numerous requests, we brought it to the public. One owner grew his business by $10 mil in just over 2 years by installing our systematic tracking system, and then making other necessary changes based on data from the system. It is a fact that tracking will increase revenues, and for some people the increase will be more dramatic in a short time, while for others it will be less dramatic; however, it will increase.

We are so certain that tracking will increase revenues that if you buy and use the system for 90 days and are not seeing results, you can discontinue AND get your money back. Guaranteed. Track It To Crack It!

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