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Susan Raisanen

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Susan Raisanen

Susan is an educator and author of soon-to-be-released "Track It To Crack It". She is the President of Profit Finder Pro Software, developer of a sales and marketing tracking software CRM. One of her greatest success stories belongs to her customer who used her system to go from $2.5 mil to $12.5 mil in a matter of a couple years.

If you have salespeople and/or spend money on marketing, you are interested.  Profit Pro CRM was created out of a need to connect the sales and marketing in order to see what it cost to get a sale per sales type, per salesperson, per lead source. Most people know they have to market, but get frustrated because they have no idea how to track it to see its return. The developers of BTN really understood the old saying: "We know half of our marketing is working, but we don't know which half."

Now it is possible to see what is working and use that data to adjust training, assign leads to people's strong points, hiring/firing, and marketing.  The system is ready to go UPON PURCHASE! No additional programming, time and expense is required to get the necessary reports you need!

Profit Pro CRM also has the basic CRM features for scheduling and tracking customer data. It syncs nicely with smart phones, so sales reps have access to their appointments and customer information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Winners Know Their Numbers, and when the numbers are laid out nicely, everything seems to run a whole lot better. Tracking will increase revenues, guaranteed!

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I show business owners the type of data to use in analyzing their sales & marketing, and the kinds of practical steps which can be taken as a result of looking at that data in order to run and grow their businesses profitably.

7641 East Gray Road
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