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Susan Mershon

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Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor built two successful businesses from the ground up after leaving Corporate America. She went from zero to six figures in three short years. Today she coaches, trains and supports virtual assistants and entrepreneurs in simplifying technology so they can multiply their incomes.

After working in Corporate America for over 20 years one day I woke up and thought enough! Time to make a change. I refused to let another year go by being miserable. Life is to short not to live your dream. Then and there I took control of my life and my destiny. I knew that I could earn more money doing what I loved and have the life I dreamed of by being my own boss.

Here's the condensed version: I left corporate America to:

  • Have more freedom
  • Be my own boss
  • Have a better life
  • Determine who I work with
  • When and where I work
  • And what I do!
  • Be happy
  • Help women entrepreneurs embrace technology

 My goal is simple: help women entrepreneurs overcome their fears and frustrations so they can build a business that supports the lifestyle they want. 

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The Techie Mentor
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Owner & Founder
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Technology & VA Coach, Trainer & Speaker for Virutal Assistants & Entrepreneurs
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I help virtual assistants and entrepreneurs multiply their income by simplifying technology.

Inefficiency sucks 5 to 8 hours of entrepreneurs' time each & every week.  Imagine how much those lost hours cost you in time & income?  I can help you get them back!

I'm Susan Mershon, the Techie Mentor™, and I can help you?

  • Increase your income
  • Implement systems & technology
  • Learn technology with ease
  • Make wise technology decisions

I can show you how to build a business that leverages technology and gives you time to enjoy life instead of sitting behind your computer!

As your Technology Coach, I will provide you with:

  • A Roadmap showing you what to implement, when to implement and how to implement
  • Systems that take full advantage of technology and accelerate your business growth
  • A one-stop shop that gives you technology mentoring, training and support

What would your business look like if you removed the fear, frustration and confusion? More….Money, Freedom, Control, Time... Make a decision and start today.

(623) 252-0139

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