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Steven C. Conners, CEP

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Steven C. Conners, CEP

The old adage that the consumer always comes first holds true in the financial advisory industry too. The philosophy at my firm is simple. Utilizing my extensive experience can be a major factor to consider. Measuring your portfolio against the macro-economic backdrop is essential; (besides certain and specific indexes). Timing what asset classes are in favor at different periods of time can be critical. Time the economic conditions; if you cannot time the market(s).
Further, critical to your success "over-time" is to have constant and continual dialogue as your financial objectives evolve. Personalization and a unique focus as to the strategies utilized can be invaluable.

My personal objective is solely to serve your financial interests in the most prudent and diligent manner. Additionally, professionalism and the courtesy you deserve is what to expect at all times when you work with Conners Wealth Management, Inc. Establishing a sound financial plan can be critical in achieving your objectives. This is imperative when you work with me, so there is an in-depth, comprehensive understanding in writing with respect to your objectives and longer-run goals.
Perhaps, you may ask yourself " I only wished I had made this decision to work with Steve earlier".

Flat-fee investment advisory; cash management, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and estate planning

All securities offered through Securities Service Network,Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC
*Fee based advisory services offered through SSN Advisory, Inc., a registered investment advisor
Securities services only available to residents of: AZ, CA, FL, IL, NJ
Life Insurance #: 191894, AZ, CA, IL

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Conners Wealth Management,Inc.
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Financial Advisor
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