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Steve Sandoval

I have been an entrepreneur, educator, mentor and coach for 30 years now and have been able to work on many great business projects of my choosing. My introduction to business started when I started a paper route at age nine then took over my best friend’s paper route. At age ten I started working for my dad, where I would ride his bike across town to clean the town pool hall at 6:00 am before school every day. I have always had two or three jobs growing up - washing dishes, waiting tables, laying cement, painting houses and eventually hustling adults on the golf course and in billiards. I realized at an early age that if you are willing to work hard and you do a good job, someone was always ready to hire you to do something for them! At age 18, after becoming a Christian and graduating from high school, God decided that I needed discipline in my life. So I answered the call to serve my country by enlisting in the United States Air Force, even walking away from a golf scholarship. I felt that I should continue to honor the family heritage by going into the military like all my uncles, grand dads, and father before me. Today my life is still focused on giving back to country through helping new and current business owners grow and prosper in every area including personal development. “A business owner can only grow his company to the level of his knowledge, passion and experience. In order to grow to the next level, they must increase their knowledge, leadership skills and passion in this challenging and fast changing economy." My dream and mission has grown to reach and impact as many business owners as possible with the Main Street Chamber of Commerce and with my company and advertising firm, SGS Promotions and Marketing LLC. Today I am just as committed to providing educational programs such as Freedom Quest America, teaching and training Americans young and old how Free Enterprise works from an Entrepreneur's perspective. Not only have many rules changed in the business world, but the focus of the game has changed! I also teach them how important it is to engage and educate themselves and their employees in the political process of Free Enterprise. In time they start to learn how important it is to hold government and politicians accountable to protect our liberty, values and our freedom. By surrounding myself with great business leaders and entrepreneurs, we can continue to make a difference in helping as many people change their financial future forever so that they too can live the American dream of helping America be better and richer for all Americans!

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MainStreetChamber™ is a National Membership Organization dedicated to advancing small business growth and profitability. We achieve this by offering entrepreneurs and small business owners a free lifetime membership to MainStreetChamber™, free, face-to-face networking events, mixers, educational luncheons and business expos where they can promote their business, form beneficial relationships and share best business practices with peers and colleagues. We are a support system for small business owners, encourage member to member business and give back to our community by the group involvement with local charities and non-profit organizations. We are a service oriented organization and encourage community involvement. We support multiple national non-profit organizations as well as many local non-profit organizations through the participation of members in each Chapter. Many of our networking events have a dual purpose to also raise funds, through the sale of donated products and services, for locally supported charities.

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