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Rob Van Hoose

Rob Van Hoose ● Professional Speaker & Business Coach for Over 20 Years ● Number 1 Rated Speaker for Robert Kiyosaki for over a Decade ● Coach of the Year Winner for the Largest Global Consulting Company in the World ● Personally Coached, and Trained over 10,000 People in Multiple Continents


For the past 20+ years, Rob Van Hoose has been speaking professionally while coaching entrepreneurs, speakers, and business coaches. Rob has coached and trained over 10,000 Entrepreneurs in the United States and internationally in over 10 different countries. Rob is known for his powerful speaking style, marketing, and branding abilities. A former College wrestler and high school wrestling coach, Rob uses the discipline he learned from that demanding sport to create his hands-on tough love approach to coaching that flat out gets results with his clients! Rob attended a FREE Real Estate Investment Seminar from watching a late night infomercial. He attended that training and real estate investing was his first plunge into the world of being a business owner. After taking the training and doing so well with it, Rob found himself being asked to speak at business GIANT Robert Kiyosaki's real estate seminars. He went from a seat in a FREE training to two years later speaking on that same stage teaching others how they could also make large profits in real estate. Rob spent over a decade as Robert's # 1 rated speaker before venturing out on his own. His last 10 plus years have been growing his companies while helping others become great speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Fast forward 20 plus years from his initial journey and Coach Rob, as he is known, has dipped his toes into many businesses and has also used the speaking techniques he honed over his 20-year career to helping others become even better speakers. Rob has a point to prove when teaching speaking – Speaking is a learned skill that can be taught to anyone! If I can turn a FREE seminar in my twenties into a monster speaking and business career, then you absolutely can too! It simply takes good coaching, tenacity, and a desire to help others!

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The Speaking Group
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Speaking & Consulting Businesses owners, Entrepreneurs, and speakers
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The Speaking Group is a Company that is Dedicated to Helping You Grow Your Business or Passion Through Speaking. We Have Assembled a Dream Team of Highly Paid Professional Speakers from many Different Types of Businesses that are Here to Coach You to be an Even Better Speaker. The Speaking Group Will be Your Guide to Help You Create a Monster Brand with Immense Credibility. Speaking Effectively Will Position You as the Authority in Your Marketplace. You can Create Massive Impact Helping People While Making a Substantial Income!

The Speaking Group Is Here to Help You Grow Your Legacy in Whatever Communication Arena You find Yourself in. We Coach You through our Step-by-Step Speaking System that Will Prove to You that Speaking is a Learned Skill that You can Master. We will take Your Speaking to the Next Level No Matter What Your Current Skill Level is. From Beginner to Pro we got Your Back!

When You Work with the Speaking Group You Will Learn how to Apply Your New Ninja Skills in Many Arenas such as a Keynote Speaker, Lunch and Learn, Podcast, Webinar, Seminar, You Tube, FB live, Vlog, Blog, Book, or eBook.

You Can Grow Your Business or Passion through Speaking, and You Can Make a lot of Money doing it... Because BIG Money Talks!

The Speaking Group puts on Live Training's and we also Run a Monthly Speaking Club here in Phoenix. Come Check us Out!

WWW.ProfitWithSpeaking.com (Live 2 Day Training)
https://www.thespeakinggroup.com/monthly-speaking-club-2/ (Monthly Speaking Club)

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