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Judith & Roger Kull

Roger E. Kull-Arizona artist, Roger Kull, broke the “leather craft” barrier and took his fine art into a gallery quality level, described as “Southwestern Pictorial Leather Sculpture. His signature style is three-dimensional realism. Taking the technique of general leatherwork, approached it in a very non-traditional way, and chose only a saddle maker’s knife and clay modeler’s spoon as the only implements that create Roger Kull’s incredible artwork. There is no hammering, no stamping, only a sculpting process that forms the back bone of his technique. To watch him create his artwork is almost magic, as smooth, fluid, effortless lines are cut, blended, and formed into soft curves. No one has ever duplicated his style and most are shocked, then impressed to find that his artwork is created from cowhide. Roger is firm believer, that art skills are paramount and as free hand artist, believes that art skills come first and leather skills provide on a medium to show case his creations. Each leather sculpture guarantees originality and is a one of a kind, Utilizing the natural hews of leather and specialized dyes along with the colorful blues of turquoise, there is a continuous flow between tradition and innovation creating constant interest in this uniquely sculpted leather. Born in Meadville, Pennsylvania and relocating at an early age, he has spent all but 10 years of his life in the Southwest with the depth of tradition and culture deeply instilled in him. The history of the early southwest became a focal point indelibly stamped on his unique artwork. Always artistic, Roger experimented with various art mediums and eventually found something totally disregarded as fine art. This represented a challenge, he began to develop, and finally present “pictorial leather sculpture.” In due course, his artwork is recognized, appreciated and represented by several prominent galleries and sold internationally. Roger Kull’s fine art hangs in the permanent collection of the prestigious Booth Museum of Western Art in Cartersville, Georgia and the Johnson-Humrick Museum in Roscoe Village, Ohio. An accomplished artist and author for more than 30 years, motivated by his accomplishments, Roger Kull continues to pursue excellence in presenting his original art form, “Pictorial Leather Sculpture.” Roger is a signature member of the prestigious Southwestern Premier Artists and the Sonoran Arts League. His studio is open for demonstrations and tours all year by appointment. He accepts commission work. Judith-capturing the emotions of the viewer, people are eager to reach out to feel the fabric of the painted rugs, the beads from the moccasins, the smoothness of the pottery, or pick the corn or jewelry from my paintings. There is no denying the distinctive signature & style that is unique to Judith Durr with the use of the painted rugs as a consistent background element in the compositions and the compositional arrangements are chosen for their histories, stories about the artifacts, or the artisans. “ The artifacts used in Judith Durr’s oil paintings are in her personal collection. Painting from life when possible, the technique she uses for her artwork is a wet on wet, glazes and twelve layers to bring it to completion. Judith’s exquisite oil paintings, her spectacular style, and dedication to realism are internationally recognized. Her Native American heritage is the inspiration for her First People’s still life paintings. Her genre includes Western Life, landscapes, and historical research. Judith lectured for the Northern Arizona University in their elder hostels and foreign exchange students programs, the West Valley Fine Arts Councils annual Native American Art Show, Litchfield Park Native American Show, fine art associations, and art groups throughout the Southwest. Judith is a dynamic commission artist. Her commissions include working with Dr. Phil C. Weigand, field archeologist with Northern Arizona Museum. She completed a 4-foot by 5-foot oil painting recreating an ancient cite known as Guachimonton near Teuchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. The painting is in the Museum of History and Anthropology in Mexico City, donated by Dr. Weigand for the stateroom of Jalisco, Mexico. The site address on the internet: http://caron.cudenver.edu/~cbeekman/research/guachimonton.html Raised in the Southwest and a native of Arizona, Judith Durr resides in Cave Creek, Arizona with her artist husband, Roger Kull. Registered on the official Choctaw registry her heritage is documented in her spectacular artwork.

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Southwestern Premier Artists is an acclaimed group of professional full time artists dedicated to quality original art, fine art events and promotions. We began with the desire to distinguish ourselves. Recognizing that creating fine art shows built on superior art work would require more than simply gathering a group of professional artists together, we also knew from experience, that proper attitude is crucial to the success of any such endeavor. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our goals are simple. We aim to promote quality fine art shows, hold the ideals of quality, integrity and individuality, and work with established and emerging artists. Holding these ideals, our invitational events are nationally acclaimed, attracting artists and collectors from across the country. In addition to invitational fine art shows, Southwestern Premier Artists promotes private studio shows, museum fine art venues and high quality resort shows throughout the United States. Our signature members are qualified to present lectures at major universities, museums, art associations, promote Native American culture, and western and southwestern art. In support of fine arts, we present workshops, demonstrations, sit as advisors on museum committees, and work with interested groups to encourage the finest art promotions available. Southwestern Premier Artists is an organization dedicated to art, artists, cultural enrichment, and the belief that creative art enriches every life in every community. We are honored by the professional artists who have chosen to associate with us.

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