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I am a talk show host nationwide on Voice America. I host the talk show "The Social Universe" which discusses and promotes the use of online marketing such as Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Local Submit for Local Businesses to enable them to get the word out about their products and services by giving voice to their traditional advertising methods through the newer online media. We talk about Conversion Rate Optimization and enhancing advertising efforts of all kinds with professional networking to take relationships offline and make them genuine and real. We also discuss the "give back" that businesses can weave into their advertising, online messaging, and professional networking in a truly win-win fashion to enhance non-profit and fund-raising initiatives. For this reason, I am the President of the Local Business Network (LBN) to be the practical application of everything we talk about online. The Local Business Network is unique in three ways: First, LBN unites the efforts of companies that have business to business (B2B) products and services. Every other week, we have "Speed Referral Meetings" where deep relationships are encouraged as well as the generation of 5 to 6 referrals for every member ever meeting. Here are the specifics of how Speed Referral Meetings work: The meeting room we are in is a computer education center. UAT has given us passwords to get into their computers as guests, so that our attendees can use the existing terminals to log into our Facebook, LinkedIN, Salesforce, or Gmail accounts so that we have access to our client's or warm prospect's contact information. Meanwhile, everyone in attendance must have a business to business product or service. As the meeting opens, attendees fill out a quicksheet that lets us know the industry to which you most like to sell your product or service (i.e. Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Restaurants, etc). We then use these quicksheets to pair you for 20 minutes with someone who targets your same industry. In the first 10 minutes, your partner identifies 2 referrals to whom he/she can introduce you inside of your mutual target industry. The next 10 minutes, you identify 2 referrals in that same industry that you can introduce to your referral partner. At the end of the 20 minutes, we pair you with another referral partner to do the same thing. You will normally have 3 sessions during each Local Business Network meeting. In this way, you walk away with 6 referrals in exchange for the six referrals that you gave. Speed Referring has generated over $50,000 in one week for some of our members, and has moved others from the bottom of their sales development teams locally to the top of their company nationally. We would invite any business to business members of Networking Phoenix to find our events listed on the calendar every other Tuesday morning at 7:30 am at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. The second of our featured programs is called Linked Lunch (which also includes Linked Breakfast). It is an excellent way for you or your sales force to increase their prospecting by 500% to 600% with no extra cost or time to you...this is true if you join us as qualified prospecting and referral partners in our consulting business by joining the Local Business Network. http://www.facebook.com/LinkedLunch Here's what will happen during this weekly event: At 7:30-8:30 AM, we meet at a breakfast restaurant (rotated around the Phoenix area each week). Following announcements we exchange referrals utilizing Facebook and LinkedIn. Breakfast is served with the actual amount paid for by the Local Business Network. You will only be paying for the tax and tip. * At 8:30-9:00 AM, we pair the attendees up into partnerships that spend 30 minutes learning and role playing the other person's "elevator" pitch to businesses. * From 9 AM to 12:00 Noon, each partnership goes out to gather business cards from the local businesses. * Beginning at Noon, we meet at a restaurant to have lunch. For all those that met their prospecting and referral efforts for the previous 3 hours, the actual cost of the meal will be taken care of by the Local Business Network...only the tax and tip will be covered by you. During this Linked Lunch, we give out awards/prizes for those who gathered the most number of cards, for the best quality contacts, and for the best quality referrals given. All the business cards gathered are labeled during lunch by each person that collected them. The cards are then gathered, scanned, and e-mailed to all Linked Lunch participants to follow up during the remainder of the week. If there are 100 to 300 business cards collected, then that is the number of contacts everyone will get. In this way, each person could gain as much as 5 to 6 times the number of business cards they would normally gather alone. Each business card becomes a referral with permission to use the name of the person who gathered the card as the referring person for that business. Make sure to bring a wifi enabled Laptop. Third, we provide education for our members to help them identify the best qualified referral partners that will yield results for them. We gather together only the top 1% of professional networkers in order to save our members 10 to 15 years struggling to develop loyal and consistent referral partners. 99% of networkers do not give referrals, not because they don't have good hearts with good intentions, but merely, because out of 100 networkers, only 20% have a solid marketing plan. Of these 20 Networkers, only 20% or (4) actually have the sales hunter mentality to follow up on their marketing efforts. And finally, only 20% of those remaining 4 actually market and hunt for their referral partners at the same time. THAT ELITE 1% is the 1% that we bring into the Local Business Network. For this reason, we only accept about 10% of the applications we receive to our organization. In this way, we save YOU 15 years of relationship development. All you have to have is the characteristics of the top 1% Networkers (marketing, affiliate-marketing, and hunting for yourself and others), and then by merely joining the Local Business Network, we can save you 15 years of your networking life. :) LBN is powerful in our use of the Social Media. If you have not fully tapped the power of the social media, The Local Business Network has mastered the use of the Social Media through harnessing the power of the Social Universe. The Social Universe powers the efforts of the Local Business Network, creating unique and comprehensive strategies, using the "four wheels and steering wheel method to create a controllable Social Media Vehicle(i.e. through the use of Facebook, Fancebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn, and Youtube as the four wheels, and the use of Twitter to steer them). The Social Universe also helps you step up your game within your Website and Blog in order to choose the appropriate "make and model of your car", and then provides content generation as fuel for that car. All cars need good engine oil, and so the Social Media provides excellent relationship management for your advertising engine. The Social Universe then inputs that fuel into it's extremely powerful syndication engine to send your content out in mass to the online world. And finally, the Social Universe builds your target community for you within your social media profiles. Meanwhile, through the Local Business Network, we not only help you master your own Social Media as powered by the Social Universe, but help you literally combine and unite your Social Media Development with other Social Media Master Participants through the use of Affiliate Marketing to leverage the social media presence of other LBN members. LBN members have about 300,000 Arizona profile members, so our marketing reach is extensive. (I personally have 30,000 profile members in my social media profiles). Join us, and we can help you not only do as I did, but also help you join with all of us for a present total of 300,000 consumers, and about 30,000 businesses that are found within our social media profiles and community. As an organization, we will limit our membership to 500 businesses. However, each of the 500 businesses has the assignment to add 10,000 unique consumers into their social media, as well as 1,000 business profiles. If you join the Local Business Network, we would like you to reach that goal, so that LBN can reach it's goal of creating the ability to send member messages to a united and affiliate reach of 500 members X 10,000 consumers = 5 million Consumers. We also have a goal to be able to send member messages to 500,000 business profiles in our social media which is brought together by 500 members who have 1,000 business profiles = 500,000 businesses that would receive our member's messages. Imagine the leverage you could have being part of a group like that! If that sounds motivating to you, become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/LocalBusinessNetwork, and more importantly visit us at our Linked Lunch meetings http://www.facebook.com/LinkedLunch, where you will be able to attend and create testimonial videos, exchange online referrals in LinkedIn and Facebook, drive profile members into each other's fan/like pages, and write recommendations for each other on LinkedIn. (Were you aware that if you have 25 LinkedIn recommendations, LinkedIn will perform powerful search engine optimization on your personal profile? Come to our events to find out more. If you like what you see on the blog, feel free to add us to your twitter at http://twitter.com/LocalB2B or join us professinaly on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/kurtwilhelm , where we will give you times, dates, and locations to increase your productivity by 5 to 6 times. In the meantime, a bit about me and my qualifications that you will find outlined on LinkedIn: Over 15 years of business consulting, which has included dynamic sales management and strategic development experience with a strong record demonstrating award-winning sales leadership in highly competitive markets. These skills have resulted in high level multimillion-dollar increases in sales for clients. Years of leadership experience, that was launched as the Student Body Vice President and then President of Arizona State University which led to a National Sales Director position for a Benefits Company where sales were improved nationally by 400% during time in leadership. Within the past ten years, business consulting has been my forte with an adeptness in driving corporate growth and revenues.

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The Social Universe covers cutting edge methods that catapult your business or personal branding into the world of Social Media Marketing. Unlock the Mysteries of the Social Universe as we discuss powerful emerging trends that help you advertise effectively while connecting deeply with customers on local, national, and global fronts. The fastest growing and most powerful marketing tools are found in the Social Media, whether you target local neighborhoods using platforms like LocalBlox, or globally using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter. With hundreds of platforms emerging daily, the Secrets of the Social Universe can be used to give a dominant personal or business lift during this current economy. The Social Universe will share details regarding cutting edge practices to integrate the use of Social Media, Traditional Media, and Professional Networking to increase your personal and business revenue. The Social Universe airs Tuesdays at 2 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Business.

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