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Sharon Bates

Screening Young Hearts ... Saving Young Lives!

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Anthony Bates Foundation
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Cardiac Screening for youth, Healthcare for children
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Sharon M. Bates 428 E. Thunderbird Rd., # 633 • Phoenix, Arizona 85022 Telephone: 602.482.5606 • Email: sharon@anthonybates.org Professional Career: Computer Programming – For over 20 years Sharon Bates has been a computer programmer for midrange computers. Using software development skills of various development strategies mainly with IBM AS400 RPG languages. Currently, Sharon as an independent consultant assisting in their financial software needs of credit unions and school districts (mostly in Arizona). Project Manager – Over 15 years have been dedicated to Project Management for large and small projects. Personal Data: Age: 48 Marital Status: Divorced Pets: Charlie Brown (chocolate lab), Sophie (golden retriever mix) Personal Areas: Co-Founded Non Profit Corporation, Parent Heart Watch (www.ParentHeartWatch.org) – with the help of 3 other parents, a new national organization was developed to protect children from sudden cardiac arrest. The first leadership symposium will be held in Las Vegas, NV and host over 90 families for various parts of the country. Combining our grass-roots efforts to build Advocacy and Programs through a network of parents interested in saving young lives. Founded Non Profit Corporation, Anthony Bates Foundation (www.AnthonyBates.org) – ten (10) years ago the cardiac screening education / program grass roots organization was formed by Sharon after the death of her only child, Anthony, at age 20. Since the inception of ABF, Sharon has organized (92) cardiac screening events across Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New York, and Washington. Over half, 50 of those events were offered FREE to the public. All toll over 6,600 + young people were offered echocardiogram (sonograms) as a view of their hearts and well over half received EKG (electrical tests) tests. More than 10% of the young people screened (719) were found to have abnormal results and needed further cardiac evaluation. 160 of those young people were at risk of having HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) the condition that took Anthony’s young life. The Anthony Bates Foundation is instrumental in building education and awareness for cardiac screening for young people. Through the foundation efforts many AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) have been donated to host schools of the foundation cardiac screening events. Echocardiogram is the only way to detect the #1 killer to young people. A test costs on average $1,600 for an echocardiogram test and evaluation by a doctor. These heart-screening events are great value to the schools and the families in the community. The real value is in potentially saving a young person’s life through awareness and follow up consultation. The Anthony Bates Foundation has planned to offer 1500 young people screening tests across the USA in September, 2011. Grant requests, donations and sponsorship have been the way to keep the screenings cost effective and FREE to many participants. The Anthony Bates Foundation has created a training program that offers training to communities nationwide that are interested in building a “Cardiac Screening Program.” Sharon has trained 30 family community organizations and medical professions in 25 states and 4 countries. Heart screenings has become the reality in our country to save young lives and protect many others from sudden cardiac arrest.

428 E Thunderbird Rd
(602) 482-5606

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