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Sharon Otaguro

Sharon brings 15+ years of luxury spa operations and international spa project management.  She combines her corporate experience with her conscious leadership philosophy to support entrepreneurs in the wellness industry in achieving their full potential, as a success and identity coach. With a Bachelors in Economics, life coach certification training and through the use of such tools as Love Languages, DISC & CMA she is able to provide a powerful platform for self-awareness and transformation for her clients.  Sharon was a founding board member and former Hawaii Spa Association President, and now continues to support the wellness industry in Hawaii as part of the Advisory Board.

She specializes in personal and professional optimization, financial and marketing support, work/life integration for success and workplace engagement training. 

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TPO WELLth Coaching and Consulting
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Founder and CEO
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Health, Wellness and Fitness
WELLth Coaching: Business and Lifestyle Advisor for the wellness and small business industry
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This Story is a fairy tale, a comedy, a drama, and a love story...
It all started with a successful career, a loving family, and a future successful outlook - The Tragedy.  The journey of 'success' was paved with hard work, ego, imposter-syndrome, and many sacrifices.  The character felt like Rapunzel meets Cinderella - waiting for the fantasy of 'Someday...' combined with hard work and the belief that good things will be given to those who wait.
But, what happens After... Once that chapter ends, where Superwoman saves the world, what is left? Well, I looked ahead and saw that what was ahead - was a life of being lonely at the 'top' and becoming a stranger to the people and things that meant the most to me. Family. Love. Health. Wellbeing.... I was not on a Journey towards WELLth, even though I was viewed as 'successful'.
So, I took the path less traveled, and when I awoke from the spell of 'someday', I saw a world full of healers, leaders, and hardworking service professionals who still were in the matrix. Still stuck in the Identity that they were taught to invest in, instead of the freedom of expression, wealth, and Being. And so, I am on a mission to gather my Ohana (community) and stand beside them as we step forward, each moment, and RISE.
I always wanted to have the Superpower of TIME - Being able to stop time, to get everything done.  I had some powers: Aloha (love) and Belief, as well as the ability to untangle jewelry... but until I began training in the practice of WELLth, I could not begin to master TIME.
Now, I celebrate time by improving productivity, presence and personal power (energy) so I have power Over time... pretty cool, huh? Well, I can help you do the same... find your personal powers and the freedom of expression, that leads to professional and personal WELLth.
If this connects with you, Give me a Call.  You will discover greater clarity, passion and power - at Work and in Life, so you can live WELLthy.


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