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Sara McGraw-Abdalla



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Sara McGraw-Abdalla
 Sara Maria McGraw-Abdalla  is passionate about changing lives and changing the world.
 Her mantra is 'Better is Available', and its her mission to help people achieve their best life.
Sara Maria McGraw-Abdalla moved to Phoenix in August of 2017 from Richmond Virginia. Her background is in Property Management and Sara Maria spent the last 10 years working in military housing in DC, tax credit communities and working with the Homeless.  After moving to Phoenix, Sara Maria worked a contract job with the City of Phoenix Section 8  before starting her own business- The Landlord Liaisons LLC in 2018.
The Landlord Liaisons LLC goal is to empower and educated landlords with the proven tools to be successful within the housing Industry and to positively impact their communities and their tenants.   
This rental education company works with landlords that want to increase their revenue while helping their community, and also provides education and consulting for new and current landlords. 
In Late Fall/Winter 2019,  Sara Maria  will be relaunching her video podcast
'Better is Available with Sara Maria' , where viewers will tune weekly for valuable conversations with women who are BOLD enough to pursue their purpose to be Better. This will be your weekly dosage of empowerment and inspiration to take action towards discovering your Better while connecting with purpose-driven women.
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The Landlord Liaisons
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Real Estate
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With 9 years of experience in Property Management and in the Housing industry, The Landlord Liaisons is a startup dedicated to educating and empowering landlords to be successful within the Housing Industry.

Programs and Workshops:

The Landlord Liaisons training programs are designed to meet your needs: 1 hr lunch and learns, 1 day workshops or monthly retainers are available as well as interactive webinars where Sara will present key concepts and skills that will be easy to practice in your own business.Topics include 
-How to price rentals to stand out 
-Screening your tenants without violating Fair Housing Regulations.
- Expanding your Real Estate Portfolio using Government money 
-Intro to Fair Housing and Landlord/Tenant Laws
and more.....

Grow Your Business:

If group sessions aren't for you, Sara offers personalized 1-on-1 Coaching where she will help you identify your need and walk you step by step to successfully reach your goals.


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