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Nick Calderone

From Phones to Cameras
Do you remember the old cell phones? The ones that you would carry around in a small black case. I used to call them bag phones and sold them by the gross. It was my first job after graduating from York College in York, Pennsylvania. I learned quickly that I didn't want to sit in a mall kiosk and sell phones. Determined to use my mass communications degree, I practically groveled for a job at the Fox affiliate where I interned during my Junior year. It worked! Fox hired me to collate the anchor scripts two nights a week for two hours...a television junkie was born.

That was the fall of 1995. I spent four years learning and working my way up at the Fox and NBC affiliates in York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania before joining 12 News as a photojournalist in December of 1999. Since then the opportunity to learn has been tremendous. Some of the biggest and most interesting stories have come my way! I had champagne on my lens during the Diamondbacks' World Series celebration, got drenched at Super Bowl XLI, and witnessed the joy of American athletes at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

I stepped in front of the camera in the fall of 2004 filing feature reports for 12 News Upfront. Following the '06 Olympics I moved to general assignment news for 5 and 6 pm shows. Modern technology have made the process of news gathering increasingly portable. All the stories that I cover, I also shoot, write, and edit.

In January of 2008 I decided the leave the news business behind and apply my years of experience to my own business. As a freelance multi-media journalist I have the freedom to be creative and select the projects that interest me.

Going solo was a great decision! I've created and hosted original content for the City of Glendale, worked with all the leading networks including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and ESPN and trained high level CEOs and political figures.

Weekends are filled with friends and travel. I prefer to get around on two wheels riding mountain bikes and motorcycles. If I push a gas pedal I'd rather do it off road and explore some of Arizona's great beauty.

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