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Rebecca Christensen

How We Got Started
I had a patient that I took care of for about 6 1/2 years. His name was Oliver. During the years of caring for Oliver he not only was my patient but also became my friend, a confidant and my adviser. He lived a successful life in his 90 years accomplishing a lot of different things. Throughout the course of our friendship I discussed with him the things I didn't like about my field of work, often complaining about this or that, and wondering out loud why no one did anything to fix it. One day he asked me why I didn't fix it? And to be honest i never thought about myself fixing it. I told him that I wouldn't be the right person for the job because there was so much about it that i didn't know, and that someone with a higher education, or better understanding of business would be a better. He looked me right in the eye's and said that he couldn't see any one better than me for the job. He didn't convince me that day, but he planted a seed. Little Oliver's is the plant from that seed.
Our Ideal Customer
We are perfect for senior citizens who are looking for some non-medical help or companion care in their homes. We are all about helping them get back the quality in their lives that they may have lost due to a disability or illness.

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Little Oliver's Helping Hands LLC
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Little Oliver's Helping Hands LLC is a home based care program that specializes in senior care, to provide and maintain a better quality of living for seniors in their day to day life's.


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