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Anthony Liberatore

Tony is the Founder of Realtaxcut.com and CEO of Anthony Liberatore and Associates, a national property tax consulting firm based in Tempe, Arizona. With over 30 years of industry experience Tony has strived to achieve a flawless reputation by providing solid business solutions to his clients on local, state and national property tax issues with great success. Tony saves his clients millions of dollars in property tax year.

In the Fall of 2012, Tony created Realtaxcut.com, an online property tax appeal service that helps Arizona homeowners lower the property tax on their homes. After decades of representing clients Tony was surprised to find that many Arizona homeowners did not appeal their property tax assessment. He found that this was due to homeowners not being aware of their right to file an appeal or homeowners being apprehensive due to the complexity of Arizona’s property tax system. So Realtaxcut.com was created to provide Arizona homeowners a simple, fast, and safe way to save money.

Established in 1980 Anthony Liberatore and Associates (“ALA”) has become one of the leading property tax firms in Arizona. ALA is comprised of a highly respected and skilled team that has amassed a collective knowledge of taxation with over 100 years of industry experience. ALA recognizes that protesting the valuation of real estate and personal property requires the correct blend of experience, education, presentation, and negotiation skills. ALA’s team of property tax professionals includes former State Tax Auditors, CPA’s, Appraisers, Realtors, and Attorneys. With our 33 years of experience in all areas of ad valorem taxation ALA provides its clients with a team of qualified professionals prepared with a complete knowledge of property tax laws, appraisal, and methods of valuation.

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Anthony Liberatore and Associates
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President, CEO
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Anthony Liberatore and Associates

Anthony Liberatore & Associates (ALA) is a national property tax consulting firm based in Tempe, Arizona specializing in all aspects of both Real Estate and Personal Property tax evaluations, audits and appeals/petitions. With our nationwide system of regional, specialized property tax firms, ALA provides its clients a single point of contact for offering local market expertise on a national level. With over 30 years of industry experience ALA has developed a distinct perspective on taxation, allowing us to spot tax-saving opportunities not readily apparent to others. Our goal is to achieve the greatest tax savings possible for our clients while minimizing their tax liabilities. Diligence, experience, market knowledge, and state of the art mapping technology allows ALA to offer its clients the highest quality service at a competitive price. Our work is performed on a contingent fee basis which is dependent upon the reduction attained for our clients.



Realtaxcut.com is a service of Anthony Liberatore and Associates. After decades of protecting our commercial client's homes from over assessment, we recognized that there was a true need for our services to all homeowners. We found that many homeowners were either unaware of their right to appeal/petition or if represented by another agent an appeal/petition would not be submitted. Realtaxcut.com was created to provide a simple, fast and secure solution to help in reducing homeowners property tax liability. Our service allows homeowners to appeal/petition the assessed value of their home in less than 10 minutes, and once signed up we do all the work for you. Our goal is to achieve the greatest tax savings for you, and guarantee that an appeal/petition will be submitted on your behalf.


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