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Randy Eickhoff

Research and Development Tax Credit Expert: I am the president and founder of Acena Consulting, LLC. We are a specialty tax consulting firm with one goal - lower your federal and state income taxes through the use of research & development tax credits, specialty deductions and tax planning. Given that one of the largest expenses business owners incur each year is the income tax they pay, lowering that number each year can create additional jobs, higher growth and higher cash flow for the business and owners. In addition to a focus on R&D tax credits, we help companies identify other tax savings opportunities such as the domestic production deduction, IC DISC, cost segregation, property tax reduction, energy efficiency studies and enterprise zone credits. You can learn more about how we lower your taxes at our website: www.acenaconsulting.com. Swim Coach Known to give tough and challenging workouts, I believe in race-pace training as an alternative to long slow distance training. If you train at below your race pace on a consistent basis, I believe you are training your body to swim long and slow (not exactly why you spend hours in the pool). So, a consistent blend of technique, intensity and focus on race strategy is how I plan, execute and conduct workouts. This approach works incredibly well for collegiate athletes, masters swimmers and triathletes and brings more speed, faster recovery and higher intensity in a shorter time frame that traditional methods of swim training. Looking for a change and perhaps bored with the old style of thousands upon thousands of yards? Come give us a try! http://www.southcoastaquatics.com/sca_coaches.html#masters

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Acena Consulting, LLC
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Tax Credits and Incentives Specialist
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Who We Are: An experienced team dedicated to growing your business.

Acena Consulting is a multi-dimensional tax and accounting services company servicing both public and privately-held companies. Our experienced team of tax professionals includes former "Big Four" national office partners, attorneys, CPAs, engineers and other knowledgeable tax professionals.

While our roots all stem from the major national accounting firms, our approach to working with our clients is more hands-on, conservative and technically-driven. Our goal is pretty simple, we want to help our clients reduce their taxes and operating expenses in order to increase cash flow and overall business growth.

Whether you are curious about federal research and development tax credits, or some export incentives such as the IC-DISC, we can help you break it all down. We work diligently to help you understand, document and monetize these opportunities and other tax incentives for your business.


Our Culture: We still think a handshake goes a long way.

Some might call it "old school" to believe that a handshake and long-standing relationships matter, but at Acena Consulting, they are part of our core. Trust, ethics, and simply doing the right thing for our clients, team members, CPA firms and alliances are the core values that have been a critical part of our immense success as an organization.


The Acena Story


Acena Consulting, LLC was founded in May of 2009 to provide specialty tax consulting services to public and privately-held small to medium sized businesses. Acena focuses on monetizing federal and state tax incentives that bring measurable reductions in taxes paid. Since our inception, our philosophy has been to bring not simply a tax reduction for our clients but to provide a well-rounded solution that strengthens documentation, minimizes internal resources and leverages technology to bring a detailed defendable result.
Based in Simi Valley, California, Acena operates nationally to provide tax consulting to our clients and their CPA firm partners. Our projects encompass the analysis, documentation and calculation of a number of federal and state tax incentives including research and development tax credits, the IC DISC for US companies exporting products, cost segregation studies, transfer pricing studies and much more.
4134 Eagle Flight Drive
Simi Valley

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