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Randolph Williams, MBA Finance

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Randolph Williams, MBA Finance

Financial Executive who created and managed a newly formed department - Financial Derivatives with the goal of educating and integrating derivatives internally and with both buy and sell side customers. ▶ FINANCIAL PLANNING: Integrated financial derivatives into investment portfolios within CAPM to alter market exposure, enhance yields, adjust asset allocation mix, and reduce asset/liability market exposure. ▶ CAPITAL MARKET ANALYSIS: monitor relative value status on a dynamic basis Including options on futures contracts as well as systematic market risk. ▶ SALES AND SALES SUPPORT: By educating clients the firm increased financial product sales and by integrating derivatives additional revenue was generated. Key Competencies: • Market Analytics • Portfolio Management • Market Commentary • Supportive Design for Business Metrics • Trading • Business Intelligence • Team Leadership, Engagement • Client Development and Relationship Building • Interest Rate/Asset Allocation Roundtable • Working Capital Management • Audit Supervision

Currently I am helping to facilitate/connect busineses with Capital from previous and new contacts (Investment Banking, PE/VC, M&A, Asset-backed, Liquid, etc.).

I have also added an affiliation with an Equipment Financing & Leasing LLC for synergistic value.

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Investment Banking - retired early, Currently connecting Capital to a variety of businesses and projects
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Vice President - Finance
Capital Markets
Investment Finance I Corporate Finance I Capital Facilitator I Equipment Financing
Business Description




After receiving my MBA with distinction as the outstanding graduate in Finance, I joined


a (super) regional investment bank.  While Corporate Finance (deal making) or portfolio


management would have been my first choices (Corporate Finance was all Ivy league


and PJH wasn't managing money at that time) I saw an opportunity in the emerging area


of financial derivatives and I pitched it to a contact I had made at Northwest Airlines.  After a


very thorough marketing analysis I developed a strategic plan for a way PJH could enter


this new task environment with a relatively complex product(s).  Given the green light by the


Board of Directors as well as Vice President status my mission was to educate and integrate


all relevant areas of PJH as well as our buy and sell side clients with the many ways derivatives


could be utilized effectively while simultaneously building client relationships.




At a larger Wall Street firm almost everyone has their niche whereas I worked with almost


all areas in a wide variety of ways.  Hence my knowledge of investment banking in totality


would surpass most investment banking people.  Plus, to understand derivatives you must


have a solid understanding of the financial products and concepts from which they are


derived.  This I believe is my competitive advantage.




As a side note, I got to work with Dr. Richard Sandor's group in Chicago where I conversed


with Rick Santelli who ran the bond futures desk at the CBOT numerous times a day.  While 75%


of active fund managers don't out perform the market Rick taught me that 25% do.  He always


had a good feel for the markets and a rap to go with it as evident by his work on CNBC.




Thank you for your time.




Best Regards,




Randy Williams


MBA Finance











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