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Phil Castro

Phil has won awards like 35 Under 35, Startup of the Year, Big Idea Awards, Most Innovative Entrepreneur, etc. Also, he has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Crain’s, ABC, Tribune, BuzzFeed, TastyTrade, BuiltIn, ChicagoInno, RedEye, Voyage, etc. Phil is a serial entrepreneur and startup veteran from Chicago. Launched multiple successful small businesses of his own and worked for multiple venture backed startups since 2008. Currently, he is the founder of BarPass which is a social happy hour app that gives users exclusive deals (typically one complimentary cocktail and/or drink specials) at the trendiest bars and restaurants. For bars, BarPass is a digital bar promotion platform and drives supplemental business during slower time frames. Download the free app today and start discovering bars, meeting people and tasting spirits. Lastly, Phil also teaches his traveling workshop Startup Bootkamp to aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage founders. Startup Bootkamp is a 10 hour crash course in startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

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Startup Bootkamp
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Startup Bootkamp - 10 hour crash course on startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital. We have 50+ subjects with guest speakers and a networking happy hour event to follow. www.StartupBootkamp.com/Phoenix2018


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