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Gerald N Larson

As the founder of the Greater Phoenix Business Exchange, I'm able to connect with and meet lots of business owners. Some are just starting out, some are already operating highly successful business and most are somewhere in between. Let's face it, growing a successful business and finding new clients can be highly stressful. In fact some of the questions other business owners constantly ask me are: ❏ Jerry, I'm ready to grow my business. What's the best way for me to gain the knowledge, resources and connections I need without spending a fortune doing it? ❏ Jerry, there are a lot of networking groups out here in the valley. How do I choose one that will actually get me new business and not be another waste of time? ❏ Jerry, what do you mean when you say being a part of your group actually saves business owners time? There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and I'd like to be able to spend more time with my family. ★ What I Do: As the Founder Of The Greater Phoenix Business Exchange, it's my mission to help business owners from across the valley scale their businesses without wasting anymore of their time and without getting consumed by additional overhead. Our Members Commonly Experience: ✔ An Increase In Referrals ✔ New Strategic Partnerships ✔ Savings On Some Of Their Biggest Business Expenses ✔ Additional Exposure In Front Of The Right People ★"After joining the GPBE, my business picked up immediately. I developed relationships that have given me many, many referrals. The GPBE is great for building your business and making new friends." — Larry Ridgeley ★ Visit GreaterPhoenixBusinessExchange.com to learn more about the Greater Phoenix Business Exchange. By applying to attend, you'll have a chance to attend for free as my guest, network with some great new connections and see some of the systems, resources and tools we make available for our members for rapidly growing their businesses!

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Started the Great Greater Phoenix Business Exchange in July 2018 now have multiple locations through out the valley. Connecting small to medium size owners. Our membership brings in new client's from our local and national 1 million membership base plus cuts expenditures on everything you buy because of the groups buying power.

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