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Pat Bennett

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Pat Bennett

Here's the personal part of my information....so when you meet me, you'll have some great conversation starters all ready to go!! 

I live in Scottsdale, moved here about almost years ago and have learned to love all of the extremes we get here! Any guesses I where I lived before? 

Have a wonderful, wonderful network of friends (including the amazing ones I have met through Networking Phoenix). I enjoy the connections made through the Networking Phoenix mixers and signature events....ask me and I'll invite you to one as my guest!

Closest family is in the San Diego area, always great for a visit!  (yes, you can ask me about my granddaughters and I promise NOT to overwhelm you with pictures/stories!) I also have great, long time friends that entice me to make trips outside of the comfort of my home here, so let's talk about your travel adventures! 

I just might be addicted to coffee.....it's pretty much my beverage of necessity in the morning, you don't want to see me BEFORE I have had at least one cup (or more)....

I enjoy spending time with the friends here, and I'm usually looking to find a great, worthwhile charity group or service I can get involved in. If you are interested in more information, please let me know, there are amazing groups in our community that might be a great fit with you and your interests. 

I enjoy being a volunteer for Gelie and the wonderful group at Networking Phoenix, so if you come to the Signature Event, or any of the monthly Passport events, you will probably see me there with my name tag on!  Stop by the table and say hello to me at the next event!

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Idea Pro LLC
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Sales & Account Manager
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Sales & Business Development, Account Management
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