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Joshwa Fuchs

Joshwa has been an entreprenuer since he was 6 from selling or "Flipping" animals to fixing up cars and selling them for a profit he was taught at a young age that hard work can truly pay off. Being around business his whole life while growing up on a Ranch in North Idaho, he has a passion for working with business owners. In 2001, Joshwa jumped into the mortgage industry not knowing anything about real estate.  Wtihin 3 years he had his own mortgage company with several loan officers working for him while he jumped into the commercial side of things. After several years he began fixing and flipping houses until the market crashed in 2007-2008. At that point many of the lenders he worked with went bankrupted and forced Joshwa to take a look at some alternative options of what he wanted to do.

After the market crash he began to realize a pattern which was that many business owners his father included started getting their lines of credit shrunk even after doing business with a bank for 50 years they were still shrinking their Lines of credit. Joshwa knew that many businesses were going to be faced with challenges and that is exactly why he jumped into business consulting understanding and learning all the different variations of business from corporate credit, to credit card processing to shipping to accounting and much more. He began to realize there is a far greater opportunity out there to help business owners that other so called competitors were doing and that is when Obsidian Capital Investments was born.

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Obsidian Capital Investments
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Financial Services
Profit First Business Solutions
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Obsidian Capital Investments specializes in working with Franchisors, Franchisees and non franchise businesses who face cash flow challenges. We provide the following but not limited to:

  • Corporate Credit Acceleration (improve your overall corporate credit and obtain unsecured funding with no personal guarantees)
  • Personal Credit Repair 
  • Operating Capital -Debt Consolidation
  • Lines of Credit- Corporate Credit Cards
  • Tax Lien Payoffs
  • Streamlined Financial Management (replace quickbooks and streamline your financials with ease as we are a certified XERO partner)
  • Consumer Financing for all credit types with credit repair
  • Performance Processing (Flat fee credit card processing always with next day funding so you get paid faster)
  • Amazing Client Partner program (get paid to help other businesses by referring them to Obsidian)

Our innovative and creative money stratigies and tatics are designed to put more capital into the hands of the small business owner, reducing expenses, getting the merchant paid in multiple ways to off set standard business costs and add a new revenue stream, implement a strict budget to improve debt service, provide more net working terms for the business owner and so much more.

Contact us today for your free Strategy Session where together we will uncover areas to your business that can implment our tatics and put your business on the path to STABILITY, PROFITABILITY, BANKABILITY AND INVESTABILITY!

14747 North Northsight Boulevard
Address Line 2
Suite 111-101
(888) 851-6665

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