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What is Next Evolution?

Next Evolution is a nonprofit Association that offers powerful multi-day events to the public at a cost donation. There are three core events, The first is a two and half day event called Achieving Life Success, the second is a two and a half day event called Breakthrough, and then I AM Challenges I II & III.

What are the events like?

Next Evolution uses Experiential Learning to assist in raising Emotional Intelligence. Education has been a part of our lives since we were kids, but it's largely been through what's called "didactic learning." Didactic is education through books, lecture, and memorization of facts.

Our curriculum is 75% experiential, which means you'll be engaged in a variety of activities and exercises that create a direct experience, followed by reflection, which increases knowledge, develops your skills, and clarifies values. When we learn from memorizing facts we tend to forget them soon after. In Didactic learning you memorize the 50 capitols for each state, yet a few weeks or months later you forget up to 80%. Experiential learning is like learning to ride a bike or swimming. Even if you don't ride a bike or swim for multiple decades most people can do it again within a few minutes.

That's because the experiential methodology allows you to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge yourself instead of hearing or reading about the experiences of others. The outcome is the development of new skills, attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking and being. In fact, recent studies by Cornell and Stanford suggest that experiential education has an 85% retention rate long-term, verses just a 15% recall through didactic education.

What are the event hours?

Level One Achieving Life Success - Friday 6:30pm-10:30pm / Saturday 10am-7pm / Sunday 10am-7pm​                                                                      

Level Two Breakthrough - Friday 6:30pm-10:30pm / Saturday 10am-7pm / Sunday 10am-7pm​

Level Three I AM Challenges I II & III - All three are 30 day challenges.

How do I know I'll benefit from attending?

Many people don't realize change can happen in an instant, but it can. We just need the awareness, the tools, the support, and the commitment to choose it. Next Evolution graduates have such extraordinary results so quickly because our curriculum is actually a highly developed and proven technology. You begin to experience a new awareness within the first hour of the event.

The second factor that makes our events unique is that we actually hold you accountable to apply the learning in your life. How many times have you gone to a seminar or workshop and been excited in the moment, then forgot about it a week later? We have created a vehicle of constant never ending improvement that you have access to when ever you feel the desire.

What is the cost to attend an event?

All of our events are cost donations. You can go to www.nextevolutioncenters.com for pricing

Is there opportunities to volunteer?

Next Evolution is an ongoing educational vehicle to create the life of your dreams! Part of that is giving back. Once you complete an event you now quality to staff that level event . This works in giving others the ultimate life transforming experience, as well as getting a tune up for yourself. After you complete the 90 day event you maybe ready to coach on a future team! Coaching is the greatest way to keep the work and tools fresh in your life!

4568 E Cactus Rd (inside Paradise Valley Mall)
Address Line 2
Suite 330
(480) 729-4465

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