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Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones is the CEO of Network Together, LLC the largest non-franchised and independently owned business networking organization in Arizona. She is a promotional and marketing dynamo that engages her audience whether it be in print, digital promotion, or public speaking. Her event preparation, presentation and management leaves clients and competitors in awe. Network Together, LLC puts on over 1000 events and meetings per year and Shawn leaves her imprint on all of them. For these events, Shawn is involved with concept development, procedures and protocols, promotion and much of the staffing for their networking and event launches. Many of Shawn's peers marvel at her willingness to take on the tough tasks and her dedication to excellence. Shawn defers much of her success to her 20+ years of entrepreneurship and business ownership, but also to her speaking capabilities. She has spoken to various chambers and businesses, was on Board of Directors and served as liaison in Florence, served as Chairman for Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and is a certified Key Note Speaker. Shawn defers much of her success to her 20+ years of entrepreneurship and business ownership. Her expertise has been as diverse. She has led a several successful services companies in multi states. She has been on several boards for community organizations and has vast experience in various marketing and membership-based posts. Known as a community leader and humanitarian, Shawn has been involved with fund raising for non-profits and spent several years as a foster parent, advocating for children.

Shawn is a happily married Mother of 4 children and with husband Robert Jones. Her passion is helping others within the business community learn to grow their brands through referral friendships. Besides being entrenched in business, she enjoys camping and/or hiking, is an avid reader, gardener, home remodeler and recently has taken up cooking. Shawn is ready to get your network, working today.


Entrepreneur, Corporate Promoter and Trainer, Community Organizer, Public Speaker and Business Owner




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Network Together, LLC.
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Attend a Network Together meeting or event anytime during the month of August.

Grow your network through referral friendships.

Profit from the leads you receive from those who know, like, and trust you.


Now, weekly chapter meetings may not be your style. You may find professional masterminds a better suite or maybe attending events to be most ideal.  No matter what your needs are, Network Together will provide you a solution. How? Easy, through education, meetings, events, and speaking opportunities. We help entrepreneurs and professionals just like you grow your book of business. You agree building low maintenance networks will impact your bottom line, don't you?

Ask yourself, can I afford to miss learning new ways to grow my business? Can I afford missing out on valuable leads?  What is the cost of staying within my current network and never making a new referral friendship?

The answer, you can't! Your competitors are putting themselves out there in person and through social media. They are constantly making new referral friends through expanding their networks. Your competitors are making their presence known, question is, are you?


All events and meetings are found at www.ntevents.net or call 602.228.0907 for more information. 



3707 E. Southern Ave.

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