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Else Johnson


I believe success starts with asking better questions – Helping Leaders live with purpose, lead with courage, and grow powerfully.

I help leaders ask better questions and gain clarity both personally and professionally, so they can balance conflicting priorities and reach their goals and dreams faster. Thus, reducing stress, frustrations, wasting time and money, and live with purpose, lead with courage, and grow powerfully.

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Else Johnson Coaching and Consulting LLC
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Certified Coach and owner
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Coach, Consultant, Speaker for Small Business
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Known for helping clients get back to loving their business and personal life, Else Johnson's mission is to support other entrepreneurs from feeling stuck, frustrated or burnt out .  She helps them reignite their passion, identify what they want, what works, what doesn't work and feel empowered to successfully choose the personal and professional lifestyle they always knew they wanted. Else is a serial entrepreneur with a corporate background and her major breakthrough in her entrepreneurial journey came when she discovered that sustainable success in business and life is directly related to how well you manage your mindset. This discovery sparked Else's fascination with personal leadership and deep passion for helping others succeed. Else is very excited to work as an empowerment and clarity coach for creative entrepreneurs and professionals. Else has traveled the world and now lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband and in her free time loves mountain biking in the beautiful Sonoran Desert and traveling.  To get in touch with Else or learn more about her programs; www.facebook.com/morethanjustfine, www.instagram.com/more_than_just_fine, www.morethanjustfine.com email Else@Morethanjustfine.com.


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