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Mr. Damian Jarrett



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Mr. Damian Jarrett

Mr. Jarrett, a former gang & narcotics detective, is a successful entrepreneur, consultant and expert investigator of civil and criminal matters, assisting plaintiffs and defendants in personal, state and federal cases. His intuitive and gifted investigative skill set has led him to a solid reputation among the legal community in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Jarrett has been the lead investigator in hundreds cases throughout Iowa, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado ranging from homicides to fraud crimes. He has been instrumental in saving clients from hundreds of years in prison sentences through the reduction and dismissal of criminal charges. He has also saved corporate clients millions of dollars in losses from frivolous lawsuits, employee theft and fraudulent workman's comp claims.

Prior to opening his private detective agency, Mr. Jarrett had an exceptional career in law enforcement as a detective and the United States Marine Corps. He was sought after as leader in the Marine Corps, often times assigned leadership positions several ranks above his own due to meritorious promotions and award winning performance. As a police officer, he maintained an exemplary level of professionalism, ethics and dedication to his community and service to others. As a result, he was promoted to a detective only having served just over a year on the police department illustrating his true gifts of investigative work. Mr. Jarrett has worked with small and large companies to prevent fraud scheme development and has consulted with numerous other companies on asset protecting, fraud detecting, prevention and prosecution. Mr. Jarrett is an investigative asset you want on your side.

You may contact him at 623.670.0726 or by email at djarrett@dmapi.com.

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D. Michael & Associates Inc
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Owner + Expert Investigator
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Expert Private Investigator
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D. Michael & Associates Inc liberates clients by legally and ethically empowering them to make strategic decisions.  We provide "freedom", diminish "doubt" and build "confidence".  We are licensed investigators who assist individuals, businesses, and attorneys by finding and analyzing information. We connect the clues to uncover facts about legal, financial, or personal matters.  We are experienced to assist in federal, state and city criminal cases, civil liability cases, insurance claims and fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing-persons cases, and premarital screening and process serving.  

Nothing is more powerful than having an impartial and objective advocate for truth on your  team to maximize your outcomes.  As a full service detective agency, we believe in advocating the truth and defending the liberties provided to us all under the Constitution of the United States.  It is this vital principle that we defend the idea of truth, liberty, and pursuit of justice; understanding the pursuit and ensuring the facts are brought to light.

The old analogy "the tip of the iceberg" is where we've found the majority of investigations cease, never contemplating the "iceberg" itself.  However, our talent, knowledge and insight, disciplines us to know that for every iceberg there is an ice cap which is a far greater mass and is where the truth lies.  We not only understand  what is present, but what is missing and it is in this pursuit we've found great success. 

At the core, our work ethic is simple, a desirable course of action sanctioned by purpose and measurable outcomes.  We work by initiative, instinct and adherence to preferences.  Our commitments to every case are: 

1.  Supporting client confidentiality & attorney representation
2.  Assisting in the development of investigative & organizational strategies
3.  Identifying theories
4.  Analyzing errors, omissions and conduct 
5.  Identifing critical overlooked witnesses 
6.  Uncovering overlooked evidence
7.  Maintaining an effective & efficient flow of communication
8.  Conducting the investigation within the letter of the law as not to jeopardize the case

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