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Michael Migdol

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District Sales Manager
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Payroll, HR and Time and Attendance Solutions
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We are very excited to announce that Qqest has merged with Infinisource, and can now provide an even more robust solution for your workforce management needs.

Who is Infinisource?
Infinisource is a leading provider of comprehensive workforce management technology for small to mid-sized businesses. Infinisource's web-native, SaaS-based technology is the first to offer a single application for payroll, HR, benefits, time and compliance. Known for being incredibly configurable and intuitive, the technology gives you total command of your data. You can run any report, based on any information, anytimeInfinisource : A HCM Solutions Provider

Our Mission

To be the most trusted provider of human capital management solutions by providing industry-leading technology and expertise that empowers people and companies to do their best work. These solutions include payroll out sourcing and time management.

Our Unique Strengths

Ease of Doing Business
We know employers are faced with an increasingly complicated environment, driven by changing regulations and business conditions. At Infinisource, we are wholly committed to making it easier to be an employer. We demonstrate this focus in several tangible ways:
• A single solution, with one sign-in - no need to manage multiple systems
• Platform is accessible anywhere, anytime
• A simplified onboarding process


Infinisource is the first and most comprehensive web-native, SaaS-based, fully integrated Human Capital Management platform available
• Comprehensive - everything you need to manage your workforce, available in one system
• Web-native - Infinisource's HCM solution, Infinisolved, was built from the ground up to reside on the web
• SaaS-based - the platform resides in the cloud
• Fully-integrated - one database with all of your data
Infinisource has an unwavering commitment to exceed the expectations of our clients through unmatched service and quality guarantees
• Industry- leading indemnification policy - compare ours to the competition
• On-staff legal team that provides pragmatic advice you can trust
• Straightforward pricing - our billing approach is easy to understand

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