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Marlene Allen

Marlene Allen is the #1 Midlife Cellular Rejuvenator a Midlife Miracle Worker, and also a Master Quantum Health Activator. She is on a mission to assist women in Midlife because this is the time the human body requires assistance to avoid illness and old age diseases.

Marlene is deeply committed to enhancing the lives of women going through the change of life, with a fun, all natural and personal approach, encouraging them and their body to remember the truth about who they are. By choosing the principles of Cellular Quantum Mechanics we can travel through menopause with grace and ease, as well as reverse aging and extend longevity for a disease free, active, joy-filled, expansive, un-conditional life.

She is the creator of Midlife Cellular Rejuvenation that reverses midlife deterioration, as well as turning back the biological clock by 10 years or more in 60 days or less!  She has several products.  Four of these are: "From Exhaustion to Excitement – Flip Flopping Fatigue" (7 modules); "From Tired to Inspired – Awakening from Midlife Insomnia" (7 modules); and "Hormones Gone Wild – Put the Pause on Midlife Menopause" (7 modules); and "From Anxiety to Rested and Relaxed – Midlife Adrenal Burnout Buster" (7 modules).

Her expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors, harmful DNA, and the many toxins that have built up over years in our bodies.  She is the go-to Midlife Intuitive and works alongside many powerful healers to affect change on multiple levels for celebrity clients, as well as leaders in business, coaches and consultants.  

She's developed a certification program that trains students in cellular quantum activations exclusively designed for women experiencing changes in their middle age years, to go from suffering, to fully enjoying new found vitality, and the wisdom of the next phase of their lives.

Marlene resides in Mesa, Arizona and can be reached for a consult here: https://www.midnewlife.com/session/

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Mid NEW Life
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Health, Wellness and Fitness
Energy Healing/ Spiritual Growth & Development/Life Coaching
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Are you Tired?

Is your Time and Life Packed Full and you'd really enjoy a long bath and time alone?

Are you Uncomfortable? Jeans tighter, joints ache, hot flashes, bloating?

Can't talk about this with anyone?

A little more irritable?

Do you have a (maybe fuzzy) vision for your future and it's not exactly where you're at yet?

Want to bust out of our shell of conformity, but not sure how?  Don't have the Energy?

When exactly are you going to do that?

My hair is grey. My waist has expanded. I'm probably past midlife, and I'm more feisty than I've ever been. I should be relaxing on the veranda of a beautiful resort. Instead, I'm parenting our 17-year-old son and taking my senior dog to vet appointments. And the fancy resort, and beautiful clothes? Well, I'm busy with my business and sit in sweat pants in my office AND I don't get my hair colored as often as my guy constantly tells me to. That's sexy. 

Women, we need to talk about this, share our stories and encourage each other's plans to write new ones. We need to embrace this stage in our life, take more risks and re-write the rules of the midlife crisis.

We have to be our beautiful, bold, aging, wise selves...hot flashes, stretchy waistbands, singing out loud in the living room, and all.

Start owning your midlife!

If you're ready to start owning midlife, make some changes, find a way to balance the competing demands on your time and embrace who you're becoming you'll love the ease of Quantum energy healing on a cellular level to address midlife issues.

This program is specifically for women in Change, and is based on my own honest experiences of navigating my way through midlife (and coaching others on the same journey).

The "Change" is a powerful message that we often ignore. It's our bodies telling us that we're changing - not just chemically - but in every way. What we want from life is changing. What we're capable of is changing. What others need of us is changing.

The Change has been treated as something to be gotten over - like a treatable condition. BUT, menopause isn't a cold!  This allows us to ignore the fact that we are aging, maturing and evolving.

Purely treating the symptoms so you can maintain the course you were on in your 20s and 30s is unlikely to bring you peace of mind, a sense of fulfilment or the wellbeing you seek.

What if the gift of Change is the prompt you need to re-evaluate what you want the next phase of your life to look like?  

Let's talk!  MidNEWLife.com/Session

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