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Merlin U Ward

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Merlin U Ward

I am a business professional with a passion for marketing and creative development. I've experienced start-up companies, grown a business, helped build non-profits and consulted a variety of businesses. My view of a business telescopes to many perspectives. I love building high-level strategies and also implementing innovations and creative solutions at the ground level. From my knack for business process development and a zeal of marketing came an opportunity to explore a fresh perspective and implement creative strategies. My focus is marketing strategy developed by systematic testing of new tools in social media, metrics and marketing channels. The solutions derived are based on the brand needs and consumer wants and have a clearly defined consumer experience. Prior to Renegade, I owned my own marketing agency in arizona, DripMedia. I also started a membership limousine service geared towards DUI prevention and awareness, Responsible Partying Made Simple (RPM'S), which operated in the valley for two years. Additionally, I was an active consultant for a number of businesses and brands.My involvement in the Arizona business community led to the opportunity to join the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation (OTEF) as a board member. Over six years I assisted in the developed and execution of OTEF's Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference. In 2010 was elected as the Conference Chairman for 2011. I also joined the Arizona BioIndustry Association (AZBio) as the Chairman of the Marketing Committee where I lead the rebranding and development of the marketing strategy and creative materials.My definition of success is collaborating to create a sustainable business that builds great relationships with their consumers and makes a positive impact on a community. It is a true reflection of my core passion and values.Specialties:strategic marketing, social media, social media engagement, creative development, business process development, branding, business system enhancement, customer relationship management, customer acquisition strategy, customer retention strategy, neurolinguistics

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Account Strategist
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Marketing and Advertising
Social Media and Internet Strategy
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When you call us, you'll likely hear us speak enthusiastically about our "marketing as service" philosophy and our goal to transform the industry from mere message pushers to genuine value providers. Some call it bold or idealistic. We just think it's smart and have the cases to back it up.

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