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Mercedes Berg

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Mercedes Berg

I am a passionate and experienced marketing specialist with unique ideas, organizational skills and leadership qualities. I received my bachelor's degree in Technological Entrepreneurship Management from Arizona State University and can step into multiple positions within a business. I decided to pursue a degree and career in entrepreneurship with an emphasis in marketing because I found immense satisfaction in helping people grow their businesses. I always look forward to consulting with business owners on marketing techniques as well as business processes. I am also certified as a green belt in Lean Six Sigma!

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Chief Marketing Officer
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Corporate tourists placated by motivational thought leaders evangelizing pasteurized habits for cubicle climbers. Simply, we are contrarians teaching how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.

Our only objective is to give you the practical, real-world knowledge that so-called “inspirational thought leaders” won’t. Let’s face it, we don’t know what motivates you, and neither do they. What we do know is how to get you out of the startup phase as quickly as possible; this is why we have developed the world’s first and only Startup Roadmap.

Even the best ‘thought leaders’ only provide you with bits and pieces of the bigger picture. Our Startup Roadmap IS the bigger picture.

We are attempting to free innovators from traditional constructs (i.e business plans) of uniformity with what we call lateral thinking (road-mapping) in our courses. We have spent years successfully investing, teaching, researching and practicing entrepreneurship throughout the globe. Our team is diverse, battle-tested, experienced, and self-driven, and we have worked diligently to assemble our collective knowledge and experiences into a repository of knowledge we know you will benefit tremendously from.

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