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Meg Brunson

Meg Brunson used to work at Facebook where she helped small-medium businesses leverage affordable and impactful Facebook ads to increase leads, traffic, and revenue. While working at Facebook she saw many Ad Agencies implementing policies that had the best interest of the agency in mind - but not necessarily the best interest of the small business owner. She knew she could do better so she launched an agency to help business owners find long-term success on Facebook - with their best interest at heart.


Meg chose to leave the corporate world to be a more present mom to her kids and finds the most joy helping other businesses that place family-first. Many of her clients are parents themselves, have a product/service for parents, or come from a family-business background. She named her business EIEIO Marketing because it reminded her of the family-fun she is so drawn to, but it's also an acronym that represents the ideal Facebook Philosophy: Engage, Interact, Educate, Influence, & Optimize - so when you think about Facebook, remember:  EIEIO!


In her spare time, she hosts FamilyPreneur, a weekly interview-style podcast that addresses the unique challenges faced when you are building a business and raising children; plus the unexpected benefits of encouraging entrepreneurship in our little ones. She is the local editor of Phoenix.KidsOutAndAbout.com where she helps local parents pack their days full of family fun here in the valley; she empowers women through leading a WomanSpeak Circle, taking a feminine approach to enhancing public speaking skills; and she volunteers her time with the Girls Rule Foundation, empowering teenage girls with dreams to become women with vision.


Meg is originally from Rochester, NY and has been living in Peoria for 2 ½ years with her husband, Lou, and their 4 young daughters. Learn more about Meg at MegBrunson.com

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Meg Brunson is the founder of EIEIO Marketing and host of the FamilyPreneur podcast.

She leads a WomanSpeak Circle focused on empowering women to speak up (whether it's through stepping on stage or raising their hand at the next meeting), and also leads a Boss-Mom local meet-up group focused on encouraging moms through the building and scaling of their business.

Meg also frequently speaks on the topic of Facebook marketing, as she's a former Facebook employee and her marketing agency, EIEIO Marketing, focuses exclusively on Facebook Ads.

Meg is passionate about the empowerment of moms through public speaking, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

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