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Mason Andre Chamonix Lengyel

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Mason Andre Chamonix Lengyel



The creative force behind the Escape-the-Case game series, Mason Lengyel is an EMT and works with ongoing clients, using employee feedback to customize each successive game. "When employees are part of the creation, it drives employee engagement and builds relationships unlike a traditional training session," he says. Mason has created and delivered custom programs for Cisco Systems, BP, Woods Engineering, PPG, Prime Way Mortgage, Team Select Healthcare, and Uhaul.

Mason has a rich history in global culture and has traveled to 30 countries, mostly in developing nations. He played high level hockey in Europe and the U.S, is a surfer and scuba diver and has mountaineering experience in Mexico and Europe. He has spent summers in Peru and Indonesia, and attended middle school in Chamonix, France where his family renovated a log chalet that was dismantled and reassembled at the foot of a waterfall by its previous owner, an Italian mountain guide. He attended UCLA, University of Alaska and Northern Arizona University, majoring in biology and anthropology. He believes being weird is being human.

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VENTURE UP Team Building
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Program Director
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Promote employee engagement through creative team interaction and CSR team events
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VENTURE UP began in 1983 and creates fun, interactive team programs to increase employee engagement, resolve conflict and rejuvenate relationships at work.

Successful companies know the way to retaining and recruiting top talent is to cultivate an inclusive work environment where all employees freely share ideas, cooperate between departments, and are so proud of where they work they shout it out on social media, or face to face with others in their industry they'd like to invite on board.

Venture Up programs are not just about having fun, but bringing out the best in everyone, and creating new ways to augment existing training and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to serve the community. The company who puts profits before people may well be a thing of the past. Millennials are in the drivers seat now, and they're shifing gears. Venture Up staff are right on track to facilitate this positive transition.

As Venture Up moves to the NEXT GEN, it retains its legacy of working in sync with firms who put people first: their employees and their community. in the old days, the focus was on sales staff and top level managers. Today, it's the entire team -- from the top brass to the front line, with a special emphasis on the front line. The front line, from Venture Up's perspective, is the backbone of an organization, with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand customer contact no online survey can capture.

Now that you know what we were and are about, here's what's on the horizon:

Stay tuned. There's always something different, something new.

USA Tel: 888.305.1065 / info@ventureup.com

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