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Mark Kirstein

Mark Kirstein is founder and CEO of Sandler Training, Phoenix-Scottsdale.  In leading his Sandler Training business, he applies his experience, skills and background at both a corporate and entrepreneurial level to help companies optimize their sales performance and processes.

Mark possesses a unique combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, across sales and management roles. For the nearly 20 years, he has led consulting and analyst organizations that advise and help clients optimize market development.  

After initiating his career in engineering, Mark shifted to a business focus as a market analyst advising  global technology and media companies.  Mark moved up quickly to become General Manager of In-Stat, a Scottsdale-based market research firm and a division of multinational publisher, Reed Elsevier.  In this role, he led a global team of sales, marketing and research professionals.  Subsequently he was founder and CEO of three research companies, with hands-on sales responsibilities.  After selling his research company to The NPD Group, Mark led a business unit for one of the largest research firms in the US until he separated to start his Sandler Training business.  

Mark holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic University, and an MBA from Arizona State University. 

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Sandler Training provides training solutions and consulting for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as corporate training for Fortune 1000 companies.  Sandler has more than three decades of experience and over 200 global training centers.

Some of the key issues that many Sandler clients faced before working with us: 

- Not enough prospect meetings on a regular, consistent basis
- Lower than ideal close rate of opportunities; many proposals, few deals
- No common culture, language, or system for sales and sales management
- Insufficient accountability for each salesperson and the overall team.

You don't have to settle for less than the best results any longer. Sandler Training delivers proven sales processes and methodology, using the power of reinforcement to optimize sales performance, sales management, and customer care.


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