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Maria Tomas-Keegan

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Maria Tomas-Keegan


As a Life & Career Transitions Coach, I specialize in helping women who are facing life's difficult transitions.  As "chief inspiration officer" of Transition & Thrive with Maria, my goal is to help women create a life with balance, joy, and fulfillment.   To help them find ways to make their life or career easier, simpler and more meaningful.  To help them feel stronger, more confident and more empowered.

Sometimes we need help to face life's challenges and changes head-on, with spirit and enthusiasm.  At Transition & Thrive with Maria, that's our mission.


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Transition & Thrive with Maria (div of SafeHarbor Coaching, LLC)
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Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer
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Career & Life Coach for Women | Specialty: Transition
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Transition & Thrive with Maria offers personal and professional coaching services for women whose life has been turned upside down by a life or career event.  These difficult changes could include a major career change, going through a divorce, losing a loved one or reinventing herself to follow a new path, to name just a few of the times in our lives that can turn us on end. 

As a Career & Life Coach, my goal is to help women create harmony in their lives, by rediscovering and honoring their values, creating a crystal clear vision of the future they want to create and getting excited about their next chapter. I help women navigate transition with ease and grace, teaching techniques and strategies that can be adopted, implemented and integrated. With new tools in their treasure chest, women can be prepared to handle whatever life throws their way. 

Coach, Producer & Host of the international podcast on RHGTV Network, Tips for the Transition, and the best-selling author of "Upside Down to Right Side Up: Turning Transition into Triumph." Available in Kindle and Print, with the Companion Journal. 

Please visit my website and consider scheduling a chat with Maria.




















14535 West Roanoke Avenue
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