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Maggie Brown

From my formative days at my first job at IBM in upstate New York, I have been driven not only to success, but to excellence. After graduation from New York State University, I spent the next fifteen years learning the ropes at IBM, one of the pillars of the American high tech industry. While there, I embraced IBM’s culture of integrity, ethical business practices, and commitment to excellence, precepts that would serve as the foundation for my future success as an entrepreneur. I left IBM to join Multilayer Technology in 1996, first in a series of successful executive sales positions in the electronics manufacturing industry. Finally, in 1999 I returned to Arizona where I founded my own manufacturer’s representative firm, focusing on high technology electronics for the aerospace and defense industries. My company, Pivotal Sales Group, remains the gold standard in national sales management outsourcing in the electronics industry. Looking to diversify our revenue in 2006, my husband and I conducted an exhaustive market research to find a franchising opportunity that offered solid ROI and a chance for future development in our home state of Arizona. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, an upstart franchise company in the Health and Personal Care market, met all my expectations for integrity, excellence and financial opportunity. We really did our homework before making the decision to go with Hand and Stone. When you compare the ROI to similar investments, they come out on top. When you compare them to other franchises in the health and personal care space, Hand and Stone is the definitive market leader. Since joining the Hand & Stone team in 2006, as their first franchisee and first Regional Developer, we have opening five successful spas that employ more than one hundred professional therapists and clinicians, with plans in the works to develop twenty more locations in the region. We’re making significant investments in traditional and new media. If there’s somebody in Arizona who wants a massage or a facial, I want them to know the location of their local Hand and Stone. And if there isn’t one in their neighborhood yet, I want to give consumers a channel to let us know.

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Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa - AZ Regional Development
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Regional Developer
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Health, Wellness and Fitness
Day Spa
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Hand and Stone offers expert massage, facial and waxing services seven days a week for your convenience. Our Massage Therapists and Estheticians will be delighted to customize all your massage, facial and waxing services to meet your specific needs. 

Massage alone, now a $12 billion industry, has experienced a 15% compound annual growth rate over the past three years.  Hand and Stone is Expanding Nationwide With Locations already in AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, IL, MD, MO, NY, NJ, NC, OR, PA, SC, TX, VA, WA, WI and Canada. There are still great areas left for development and it's no wonder Hand and Stone is experiencing its most rapid growth now while other franchise systems have contracted.

It's no wonder massage has seen such explosive growth — 85% of consumers believe massage is beneficial to health and wellness and its estimated that 24% of all US adults had a massage in the past year. But Hand and Stone is more than just massage, we are a full service day spa that also capitalizes on facials and waxing services. The skin care industry achieved $18.7 billion in revenue in 2007 and is projected to grow 40% by 2012. Consumers are concerned about taking care of their skin and will spend money to achieve healthy bodies and healthy skin.

Hand and Stone is a great opportunity not just because the market is growing, but, also because day spas are a highly fragmented industry, with almost no national brands, and dominated by small "mom and pop" operators. Some 99% of all days spas are single unit or in a chain of five or less and 68% have less than four rooms — meaning smaller, less convenient operations. Hand and Stone is poised to rapidly gain market share with its revolutionary new concept based on affordability and convenience.

15233 N 87th St
(480) 991-5100

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