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Loukia Mastrodimos

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Loukia Mastrodimos

I am an experienced and lifelong educator with a strong skill set and track record of creating and nurturing relationships to get results. I assist others in creating lasting transformation in their life through strategic coaching techniques and strategies focused on behavior modification. After a successful 20 year career as an accomplished and respected public school teacher and administrator, I created and founded a wellness solutions practice, Erini Yoga & Wellness, which specializes in individual transformation of life, health & wellness, and mindset.

My varied professional skills, expertise, and experience include work in the banking, non-profit, public education, and health & fitness sectors. This wide variety of professional career experiences allows me to bring a unique perspective and approach in my work with clients. 

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Erini Yoga & Wellness, Ltd.
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Wellness Consultant
Health, Wellness and Fitness
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Erini Yoga & Wellness was created to transform lives by moving clients out of their comfort zone and into the best version of themselves. Busy and stressed out working professionals learn how to live a healthy and well-balanced life by breaking the negative patterns of behavior that hold them back.

Owner, Loukia Mastrodimos, struggled for over a decade with how to balance the stress of a demanding career and her own personal health and wellbeing.  After a successful 20 year career in education, she created a coaching practice that provides effective and relevant tools, resources, and education to assist individuals who desire to live a healthy and thriving life.

Stress, poor nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle brought on by the complex demands of modern day life need to be addressed in a healthy way. Inspired by the Greek word for peace, eirini, Erini's mission is to help all clients create lasting change so that their minds and bodies are healthy and at peace with one another.

Erini Yoga & Wellness knows that when it comes to health & wellness, what works for one person might not work for another. Coaching programs are customized to meet individual client needs.  Whether it's stress reduction tools, time management planning, a meal plan, yoga, life, or wellness coaching, Erini Yoga & Wellness provides personalized solutions.

Loukia is a professional educator, a certified yoga instructor, and a certified health and wellness coach with a proven and successful track record of lifestyle & wellness coaching. Not only does Loukia have the training and expertise to lead clients through the behavioral modification process necessary to make lifestyle change, she has the personal experience of struggle and triumph to provide empathy and a proven method for client success.

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