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In 2006, Linda was 43 years old, working fulltime as an executive in the legal department of Fortune 25 company, in law school at night, and a single mom to a college-aged son.  She was leading a full and happy life – fulfilling challenging work at her company and at school, connected family and friends, fun travel at breaks, and walking miles with her dogs several times a week.  However, she felt if she could find a mate to share her life with her life would be just that much better. Her dating history was spotty – she had had several boyfriends with the relationships not lasting longer than 3 years, sporadic dates here and there, and lots of dry spells in between.  Notably, though otherwise healthy and active, she had been overweight from childhood and at that time weighed just under 300 lbs – which in our society can be a pretty big barrier to having an active dating life. However, after some urging from her friends, she decided, "yes" she would try dating again.  She determined, though not successful with it in the past, she would go online as that was her best chance to meet the most amount of potential dates in the shortest amount of time. She was determined this time to proceed differently, she was happy being single – she was not going to give that up to be in a relationship and miserable.  

To that end, before she even got online, she created a specific process for herself that included her becoming clear about what characteristics she wanted in a mate and a relationship, how she was going to create an honest and sparkling profile, and commitments to herself to treat others with kindness while being as authentic as possible and also clear about her goals and intentions.   Her plan worked! She had many opportunities to date in her area and also connected with many men in other states. Of course, there was some trial and error, but what she noticed was that the "errors" only occurred when she was not following her own plan and those commitments she had made to herself. In late June, while still interacting and meeting others, she began "chatting" with a man named Rick.  Within a few weeks, Rick and Linda were speaking and texting every day. A month later, Rick flew to Denver so they could meet "in real life." From that day forward, they began dating – going back and forth between their two cities or meeting at other locations about twice a month and talking most days in between on the phone. Two years later at her 2008 law school graduation party, Rick asked Linda to marry him in front of 70 of her family and friends.  In March 2009, they were married and in the 10 years since have continued to grow and nurture their joy-filled relationship by following the commitments they made to each other when they were dating – be authentic – act with kindness – be clear about what you want. In February 2018, Linda left her position as a corporate litigation attorney, and now she shares her proven dating method with other busy professionals as a dating coach.

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Linda Denise is a former corporate litigation attorney now dating coach who helps busy executives and entrepreneurs create and implement a step-by-step laser-focused dating plan that will allow them to attract quality dates and lasting fulfilling love.  Her coaching method is based on a process which she developed and used to find the love of her life over 12 years ago.  As her client testimonials confirm, she now successfully assists others to improve their dating experiences and find love without overwhelm and dating burn out.


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