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Kathleen Carlson

Kathleen Carlson has the gift of insight that couples beautifully with her love for people.  She is skilled in big picture visioning.  She'll assist you in finding and embracing your own inner light and support you in mapping out the steps to your best self.

She is a Best Selling International Co-author, Executive Consultant, speaker, coach, and facilitator with more than 30 years of leadership experience with a Fortune 50 Retailer. After retiring from a successful career, Kathleen created Straight Up Success Academy where she works with executives to turn their managers into powerful leaders. Kathleen specializes in the soft skills required to build, lead, train and retain strong productive teams. Her passion for people and profits blend well with her philosophy that "To be successful in today's very diverse and ever changing environment, leaders must understand and embrace the fact that, "Regardless of the business you think you are in, the products of services you deliver, you are in the people business first."  Today Kathleen offers a wide range of customized coaching programs and services – from individual coaching and group coaching, to webinars/ seminars and keynote speeches. 


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Website at www.straightupsuccesacademy.com

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/kathleen-carlson-a05779a8






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Straight Up Executive Consulting
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Founder and CEO
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Vision Driven Goal Approach:

It is estimates that less than 2% of the people in the United States have actually ever taken the time to figure out what they really want…in their life, their career, their relationships, etc.  Instead, most people go through their lives and careers slowly adding experiences and more and more responsibilities and "to dos" without questioning how each fits into the big picture. Before you know it, they are out of time and energy for the things that matter most.  Whether we're working with an individual on their career path and/or personal development, or an organization as a whole, Straight Up Executive Consulting always starts in the same way; by going through an in-depth process that assists the client as they clearly identify their vision and begin to understand:

  • What they want

  • Why they want it

  • And how they will feel or function once they have it.

With a powerful vision in hand, the next steps become obvious and right decisions become clear and easy to make.  When we do effective visioning, we're moving toward the future we want not just reacting to a present-day reality we don't like.



Executive Consulting

Become crystal clear on your vision for yourself, your life as a whole and your business. Then and only then, build your goals and strategies around that vision.  Having a solid vision makes it much easier to capitalize on the strategic opportunities that present themselves every day.


Business Coaching

Develop your big  business vision, communicate that vision with ease to gain the required support and take only the strategic steps that move the needle.

 Significantly grow sales and increase profits.

All this in less time!

Retail Consulting

Grow sales, increase profits, and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Management and Team Training   

 Lead with a passion for profits and people, cut turnover in half and build a strong bench for future growth.

Speaking Engagements

Communicate your vision, motivate and inspire your team

Invite Kathleen to be your next speaker!

Courses and Workshops

Through leadership coaching, business consultation, management training, and other services, she

Life Planning and Execution

Your Vision...Your Life...Your Way

Discover and embrace your core values and desires

 Build your goals around what matter the most to you.

Individual  and Group Sessions



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