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Kari Holt


My name is Kari Holt and I am a wonderful mother to three awesome boys and own an amazing business called Girl Friday, LLC.  I am also the founder of a new and upcoming non-profit organization called Friendly Assistance.

I started Girl Friday back in 2007 because I had a passion and desire to help people, and I felt like customer service became null and void, so I needed to bring it back. 

Once I started assisting my clients I found that each of them needed help in different areas of their lives; some would call for organizing, some needed me to do their shopping and cooking, others needed me to walk their dog, some to assist them with their small business, some needed me to watch their home while away, and so forth.  While I love assisting ALL of my clients, I really became fond of assisting the senior community.

My senior clients are all amazing and have a different story to tell.  These seniors are not in need of "medical" care, but care in the way of companionship and to know that they have someone in their life they can count on.

I would occassionally get calls from seniors who needed assistance, but unfortunately could not afford my rates.  It broke my heart to hang up with them not knowing where to send them to get the help they needed to get through their day.  So....I started Friendly Assistance in late 2012.

Friendly Assistance helps seniors whose fixed monthly income exceeds State assistance, but is not enough to get help at the market rates.  My organization will help them by paying the difference these seniors can afford and the rate charged to provide the help needed. 

Because I am new to, and learning more about the non-profit world, I am always looking for advice and guidance from those who have experienced and/or are apart of this world. 

I am also in need of funding to make this program successful.  For approximately every $11 donated/contributed it will assist one senior for one hour, and trust me, that $11 will mean the world to a senior in need, especially if it's to pick up their medication at the pharmacy.

So two things: 1) If you know anyone in need of assistance please tell them about Girl Friday, and 2) if you can please help me in any way with my non-profit's success I would really appreciate it.



 Thank you so much!


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Girl Friday, LLC
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Individual & Family Services
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Girl Friday, LLC provides many services to help everyday people meet their everyday needs.  We specialize in:


  • Non-Medical Senior Care
  • Organizing
  • Shopping
  • Errands
  • General Household Help
  • House Sitting
  • Moving Assistance
  • General Bookkeeping
  • Office Help
  • Event Planning
  •    and so much more!
PO Box 15205
Scottsdale, Arizona
(602) 619-0079

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